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Driving WAY Up North to the End of the Road Or Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

This May will mark my 9th anniversary as a full-time resident of Belize.  I can say with some certainty that I have seen nothing change the island as quickly as the paving of the road north of the bridge.

Suddenly, everyone up north needs a vehicle…resorts need to not only tend to the front of their businesses (the seaside) but the back too…and businesses and FOR SALE signs are springing up everywhere.  It has the feel of a freeway with the amount of advertising signs along it.  ( signs are WOEFULLY missing!)

Yesterday I went for a drive up to the end of the road – it has plowed through to Sapphire Beach!  And is continuing on…

Here is what I saw.

We’ll start with this insane sign going up right in front of Reef Village JUST over the bridge.


And a bit farther up, the new Dive Bar.  The sign is overwhelming…one almost needs to stop to read all the different aspects.


And in case you missed something, they have another HUGE one just about half a mile up.


Next up the old location of Palapa Bar.  It’s called Tiki Maya Bar.  And it strikes me as odd…this new owner, who is allegedly spending so much money on litigation, seems to be spending very little on his new bar signs.

IMG_1320 IMG_1324 IMG_1323

Ak’Bol Resort has some beautiful signage…hand painted and dangling in the breeze.


Grand Caribe Resort is quite serious about getting you to slow down.  From the 5 1/2 mph sign to kids at play signs to ropes across the road.  A bit of everything.


It’s MY THING (and I’ve written a whole blog post on it) but I love hand painted signs and hate these cheap-o preprinted ones.  It could just be me.


This lovely sign says Come Inside.


This says DRIVE AWAY!


See what I mean by Freeway?


The construction continues at the HUGE Venezia Del Caribe.  A bit of Venice in the Caribbean.

IMG_1335 IMG_1334

Blue Dolphin House has an actually dolphin on the road.


The area at Las Terrazas and Journey’s End is still a bumpy mess…and it’s the dry season.  This, again, will turn into a cart eating swamp if not fixed soon.  What is the hold up!


Beyond?  Smooth as smooth can be.


Serious signage at the turn towards “Secret Beach”.  Mata Chica clearly working with the “go big or go home” attitude.


And a sign for Pedro’s Inn’s Ladies Night.  I like how they make it look like a sock hop.




I have a ton of pictures…so here are a bunch…until we get to the end of the road.

IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1361

But not for long?  There is a huge pile of surveying pegs lying at the side of the road.


And beyond…there are one or two houses being built but otherwise…just greenery.

IMG_1363 IMG_1364

And then the heavy work is being done just outside Sapphire Beach.


This road is smoother and wider than the roads in DFC, San Pablo, San Pedrito, Southern Ambergris Caye and most of the areas where San Pedro residents actually live.  It gets my brain spinning in all sorts of crazy directions…

Why is this road being built all the way up here?  Has Bacalar Chico been sold to someone and a road promised?

I guess we will find out.  But in the meantime…BEL, you guys did some work on the electricity poles up there around Mile 5?  And left a few things lying by the side of the road…


I’m sure you are already planning it but…maybe…you could pick these up?

Oh…and one more thing now that I’m at it.  There are a few resorts up there burning plastic and all sorts of trash by the road side.  Not only does it stink but it attracts menacing looking black vultures.  Maybe there’s a better way?

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9 thoughts on “Driving WAY Up North to the End of the Road Or Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

  1. Jenn

    Sapphire beach is where I stayed for a month last year and they burned all their garbage in the back. That road??! Craziness!!!! What a long drive from town. Wonder if it will keep going to the old air strip at the end?

    1. Belize Blog

      That’s the plan…and the PM announced an international airport there…which just seems preposterous. Unless small planes from Colombia count as international?

  2. SPmQQse

    9th year in san pedro… do concider yourself lucky, in the fact that, you may not have experienced how nice the place was…26 yrs ago.
    the contrast is actually painful.

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