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A March Friday On Ambergris Caye: WIND, Jet Lag and Our Coral Reef

The “Easter Winds” are BLOWING over Ambergris Caye, Belize.  There has been a small craft warning in effect for most of this week and it continues today.  (See Belize Hydromet for those updates.)

Sunrise yesterday brought to you by jet lag…


You can hear the waves roaring over the reef and the water is all churned up, making things like diving and snorkeling impossible but others, like kite boarding and wind surfing amazing.  Or so I’m told.

The shore in Boca Del Rio, just north of town.
The shore in Boca Del Rio, just north of town.

Here’s a photo by Jody Leslie of the kite surfing of a sandbar on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye.


It was super cute (and rare) to see school kids body surfing on water that is usually kept calm by our barrier reef.


The beach looks beautiful but you definitely get a heavy dusting of sand sitting anywhere near it.


We stopped at El Jefe, San Pedro’s only lunch truck for lunch and had some DELICIOUS pork carnitas tacos.  $12bzd.  The best part?  A fresh roasted tomato salsa.  SO good.


And did I tell you that I am so glad to not be eating Indian food?  I LOVE it and it was SO good in Kerala…but I really need a break.  Curry for breakfast, lunch, TEA and dinner is a lot.

Today is burrito Saturday.  And Marvin (formerly of Rojo Lounge) makes a MEAN burrito.


I tried my hardest to stay awake for the afternoon but was…unsuccessful.


By sunset, I headed up to The Truck Stop for a presentation for Reef Week by the fabulous Mar Alliance – a group headed by Dr. Rachel Graham that is working to protect the large fish/marine life of Belize and the world.

Like this recent killing of sharks at Lighthouse Reef…

(Photos from Mar Alliance)

sharks at lighthouse In BELIZE!shark fins

Sharks are critical to the reef and the ocean.  As the movie started, we could hear the reef growling in background…

reef week

What a great place to watch a movie…


By the start of the film, it was a full house.  Which you TOTALLY can not see here.


And I had finished my Chocolate Brownie waffle cone.


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3 thoughts on “A March Friday On Ambergris Caye: WIND, Jet Lag and Our Coral Reef

  1. Susan

    Oh so glad to see there were able to “rescue” and re build the movie screen. When we were there last month for Ghost Busters just a the end of the movie a HUGE storm blew in from nowhere and blew the screen into the lagoon and cups, plates, bottles, chairs, and speakers went flying! We all grabbed what we could save and tried to help save the screen but to no avail that night. It was our first time at the movies there and I’ll never forget it! FUN FUN FUN!!

  2. FJL

    Glad you’re back, almost normal, and that the trip was great. I was on the island while you were gone, had fun, met new friends. I am now convinced that ALL types of bugs that bite check my annual February trip schedule and unfortunately I think this trip included bed bugs.

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