My Week In Belize in Snapshots

The weather has been close to flawless since I returned from India.  (It’s been 2 weeks now!) Hot and rainless with just a brief delicious “cold front” over the last few days.  Over the next day or two we return to hot…it was hot for St. Patrick’s Day…

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…and more heat for the beach parties and bikini contests of Easter.


But enough of that.  Here are my Instagram snapshots and a few from others around Belize.

The sargasso madness seems to have abated for now…


Beautiful from ocean to lagoon…IMG_7676

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The view from a new home being built up north…

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And a spiderweb inside.


The dock at X’tan Ha Resort.

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Pretty sunset on Caye Caulker by this Instagrammer/photographer who has been taking stunners in Belize all week. @samcampphoto

wonky dock cabins

I DID go in the water (for the first time in a while…) and it was gorgeous.

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An awesome photo posted by @GoPro.

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And a very cool selfie.

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And this little guy was certainly enjoying it.

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And so was this bare throated tiger heron until we pulled around the corner.

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I definitely did some eating…after 3 weeks of curry curry curry.

There is NOTHING more delicious on a hot day…paletas.  Regina’s homemade paletas are now available at San Pedrano Store (on Front Street), Mermaid Supermarket, the Beach Basket and La Divina Providencia.

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Gorgeous sushi from Blue Water Grill.

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And delicious cheesy shrimp and artichoke dip at Finn & Martini.  Now taking reservations – they are THAT busy.

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I took a brief trip to Belize City on the one overcast day we had.

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I was VERY happy to see Elsie…who loves laying in the sun.

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And enjoying the view.

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Easter in San Pedro is probably the most crowded weekend on the year but, for me, there are some pluses.  Like the Taco El Pastor guy comes to La Hora Taco and makes some magic.

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Enjoy the 4.5 day holiday no matter what you do…and stay safe.

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