It’s a CONVOY! Fill Moving South Towards San Pedro’s New Football Stadium

If you have driven through San Pedro, Belize over the last few days, you may have arrived home coated in dust.  It IS dusty out – as it hasn’t rained in weeks!  But there is another culprit…

Massive sand and fill filled trucks coming down from the quarry up north in a convoy of 4 or 5 mega-dump trucks.  Yesterday, one blew a horn while approaching me at the bridge and I fully expected to be road kill.

One of the truck well north of town.

One of the truck well north of town.

I kid…though the horn was LOUD, they all waved and smiled as they blew by me.

I had to ask…where are they going?  And I found the answer quickly.  Much of the new football (or the rejuvenation of “The Football Field” in DFC) was finished and they needed LOTS of fill.

I drove back to the field last evening.  I hadn’t checked in on it for a while…

For those of you who have NO clue where this is, I don’t blame you.  Here’s the google map.  It’s called Ambergris Stadium and it is south of town.

Here are some photos in October 2015…much wetter and very little done YET.

October 2015

October 2015

And now…


Not just dry, TONS of construction workers back there and a ton of progress.


The entrance to the field.



The west end of the seating area.


It’s huge…and there has been fill coming down for about a week all day long.  One worker told me today was the last day.



Serious walls around most of the pitch.


As the sun went down over the grandstands…


I asked an employee how they were going to grow grass there.  Artificial turf he told me.  And how are they going to keep it in good condition?  This area, is a bit off the beaten path…

The walls and a caretaker.  Well…there you go.  There is still a bit more work to do…but it is coming together.


As I drove back home through a very residential neighborhood on VERY bumpy roads, it made me ponder again…the road north.

All these voting residents down here…and all that EFFORT and money being put into the road up north…where arguably much more wealthy and MUCH fewer people live and larger resorts.

With talk of the air strip up there as well as the 14 mile road, it makes me wonder…what’s the REAL plan up north.


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