The Farmers’ Market at The Truck Stop in San Pedro is a RAGING SUCCESS

HOLY MOLY.  A monthly farmers’ market certainly seemed like a great idea…a few merchants selling veggies, fruits and homemade goodies.  But I had no clue what a GREAT IDEA IT WAS.  The event was yesterday, Saturday April 23 from 11am to 2pm and when I arrived at 10.45am, I can only call it an organics riot…

There were a number of vendors including Sue Blair with her Home Baked Breads and her GORGEOUS boules.  I can guarantee you much happiness with a Walnut and Cranberry and a stick of Philly cream cheese or the Cheddar & Jalapeno, a toaster and some salted butter…


I still think she should name her business “I Pity the Boule” but she is resistant to my idea and obviously, Mr. T.

Sue sold all 35 breads within the first hour.

Debbie from Pirate Girl Treats  and the GORGEOUS cakes, brownies and CARROT CAKE!  I’m not sure you are going to find moister cakes.  Good lord delicious.


Ian Anderson from Cayo (namely of the Farm House Deli – did I tell you about the RUEBEN I got there a few months ago?) but also of Ian Anderson Cave Branch arrived in San Pedro with 100s of pounds of cheeses, breads, organic veggies and fruits, fermented drinks, pickles, and most popularly, cured and smoked meats.

Ian and 6 employees (most of whom had never been to San Pedro) brought 80 loaves of bread – from rye to molasses brown – and returned home with 7.

I hardly got an pictures…their tables were literally 4 deep by the time I got over there.


They sold over 200 lbs of organic veggies, over 120 rounds of homemade cheese, 75 bottles of kambucha and kefir in the first hour and THE MEATS!   We were teased by a gorgeous fatty dollop of pastrami, as good as any I’ve tasted in NY and then…SOLD OUT.  And then corned beef…SOLD OUT.  Summer sausage…SOLD OUT.  And the smoked reef fish, chicken…all sold out.


Ian’s staff was working like crazy and according to Mr. Anderson,  “the day was absolutely outrageously wonderful”.

I am going to order some food from the Farm House in Belmopan…that little nugget has me craving a pastrami on rye like CRAZY.  And I’ll tell you how you can do it too…in a few more paragraphs.

Things started to get nuts.  I didn’t realize the urgency.  I was la-di-dahing around…a boule please, sure, I’d love to taste a slice of brownie…

Ricky’s Spice Shack was selling spices like hot cakes.


I hightailed it over to Markus and Melanie and Aquaponic grown greens – Ambergreens – to secure a bunch of rainbow swiss chard.  Mmmmmm….


(Check out my post about their operation.)


There were vendors selling seedlings and plants, Belize Chocolate Company was selling their goodies – you want to try the chocolate tea and I had to buy a bag or three of their buttery chocolate chip cookies.


The island went wild for Belizean made, grown goodies of all sorts…this was a RAGING success and according to Ben, the owner of the Truck Stop, a very good time and a certain monthly event.


I was so inspired that I went home and started my own seedlings…I’m thinking cherry tomatoes could be BIG!


So…let’s get back to ordering food from Ian Anderson’s Farm House Deli in Belmopan.  The plan.  San Pedro residents can order by Monday for delivery on Saturday.  Orders over $100bzd, free shipping.  Orders under, shipping from Belmopan will cost $20bzd.

So you can order by May 2 and receive May 7th.  Are you picking up what I am laying down?

The preferred and most efficient method of communication is over FB messanger.  But if you don’t facebook, 1. you are nuts and 2. their number is 822-3354.

For more information on the next Farmer’s Market, keep your eye on The Truck Stop’s Facebook page.

Again!  That Facebook thing.  Jeez…join it!

What a fun event and so great to see so many people doing amazing things in Belize.


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