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San Pedro, Belize 2016 Tattoo Exposition: If You Haven’t Heard? Tattoos are HUGE

I first attended a tattoo exposition in Belize in 2014.  It was in Belize City at the ITVET Center and my friend and I walked into a giant humming room filled with artists and people getting tattoos.

I met Carlos, who lives in San Pedro, and is not an example of your average tattoo-ee.  THAT’S commitment.

tattoo face

Tattoos, if you haven’t realized, are hot.  According to this 2014 survey, 56% of NBA players have tattoos…and surveys seem to estimate 20-25% of Americans sport some ink.  It seems to be a trademark for 20 and 30 somethings.  And I’d guess that more than 25% of the millenials in San Pedro have a tattoo or 10.

Here are a couple of people that live in Belize, visited or moved here and got tattoos.  There are so many great artists in this country and on this island.

Male and female tattoos from Sue.  Photo by Conch Creative.


Mike, a San Pedrano, and his old school Belikin Stout cap.


Heather with the national flower of Belize.


Margie’s tattoo inspired by the turtle at Mexico Rocks.

mexico rocks

And then this Belizean American chose to go ALL OUT.

all out

And this photo that I took in November of 2012 on the second floor of Barrel Bar where an artist was doing tattoos for some local guys.


I didn’t realize until later that it was Jeffrey Eiley, who was killed less than 2 years later.  An amazing tattoo showing his love of the sea.

So it makes sense that the 2016 EXPO, this year announced bigger and better, comes to San Pedro.  It is scheduled for the last weekend of May – May 28th and 29th – and will feature artists from around the world.

tattoo poster

AND a freak show.

So…keep if you are a tattoo aficionado, thinking of one for the first time or just like to gawk, this event should be super fun.  I’ll definitely see you there.

Keep up on updates with their facebook page.

And for some of the local tattoo artists, you can check out these links (tattoo photos copied from their facebook pages):

Belizean Ink – Wimpas, San Pedro


Artistic Skin Designs, San Pedro

2nd amendment

Slaughterhouse Tattoos, Belize City

Prik Custom Tattoos, Belize City

holy moly

If you’d like to send me your Belizean inspired tattoo, I’d love to add it.  OR if you own a tattoo shop, send me your information and I’ll add you.  Thanks.

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9 thoughts on “San Pedro, Belize 2016 Tattoo Exposition: If You Haven’t Heard? Tattoos are HUGE

  1. FJL

    Glad I’m old… Seeing so many beautiful young ladies here in San Diego with ridiculous ‘tats’… Well, I’ll stop there. That 2nd Amendment one reminds me of how the interpretation of it over the last 40 or so years has altered, and what it has done to America. And again, I’ll stop there.
    Anyhow, there is no denying the talent of the artists and I hope its good for business in May.

      1. Keith Denman

        People get tattooed because they feel very close or strong about what they permanently put on their body for themselves and if in the open, others to see (so others know what’s important to them). Guessing you’re not tattooed since this had to be explained to you.

    1. Colette Kase

      I’m glad I’m old too and can look back on my tattoos from my youth and all the wonderful days they remind me of. Being naked and old is so much more fun to look at when you are covered in great art too!

  2. SPmQQse

    carlos…..a great guy…!!
    when i was 14, my gal-fren asked me to tattoo her name onto my left forearm….
    fearing 10,000 needle hits….i compromised…and i sewed her initials into my arm…with needle and thread and ‘ultra marine blue’ , indian ink…
    oh yeah….. the tough years…the dumb-youth years…!!
    gatta love great ink…!!

  3. Linda Young

    I’m glad I’m old too! I missed out when I was young. Now I’m thinking about getting a conch shell tattooed on my butt for my 75th birthday!

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