Sunday Fishing & Snorkeling Trip with Belize Parasail: It’s Hard Not to Be SHOCKED By the Beauty of North Ambergris Caye

An invite for a snorkeling, a beach BBQ and boating with one of the most handsome dogs on the island?  Who is going to say no?  Yesterday, at 9am, I set out with Belize Parasail on a charter north.  Laid back and easy, just a handful of Texans, me and the crew setting off on the Miss Demeanor…

And Monty, the Golden Doodle/photo ham.

BP3 (4)

Carlos and Esban were our tour guides…and we left from Fido’s dock in downtown San Pedro.  Heading north before we stopped at our first fishing (spear or rod) stop.

We needed to hunt and gather lunch.  And it would be a while before we were standing on a perfect beach sipping coconut water and eating delicious fresh fish.

BP (3)
BP3 (3)

Monty being a good boy watching his owner Eric snorkel.

BP3 (6)

Beautiful no matter which way you look…

BP3 (5)
BP2 (5)

Or which way you drive…

BP2 (3)

How many pictures can I show you of just water?  LOTS.

BP2 (1)
BP3 (1)

After collecting quite a few fish…enough for lunch…we headed to our last snorkel stop just south of Tranquility Bay Resort.

BP2 (4)

It gave the crew a bit of time to clean the fish and feed the birds…and a few sharks and sting rays arrived.

BP2 (7)

The water is like an aquarium up here…perfection.  We headed over to Camp Basil Jones just south of Tranquility Bay.  I had been there for summer camp for inner city kids last year

BP (7)

And the beach was absolute perfection.  (It’s why it’s on my list of Top Beach on Ambergris Caye.)

The view down to Tranquility Bay – the resort farthest north on Ambergris Caye.

BP (1)

Our view from the lunch table.

BP1 (5)

And the walk down towards the resort.

BP (5)
BP (6)

Raul, the camp’s caretaker, was busy chopping coconut and had the fogon (hearth) well stoked for the guides.  Esban posing through the smoke.

BP1 (3)

Raul and Carlos, our other guide.

BP (2)
BP1 (4)

Lunch is served.

BP1 (6)

And for dessert…smoked toasted coconut with cinnamon sugar.  I could have (and almost did) eat the whole cup.

BP1 (2)

And someone had to get on this picturesque swing with this view…

BP1 (7)

SO so beautiful.

BP1 (1)

What a gorgeous day.  Honestly…driving north, passing Mexico Rocks to where the reef gets closer and closer to the land…a seriously beautiful trip.

A small charter is excellent – if you want to do your own things, on your own time.  And maybe bring a dog.

For information on this charter and more, check out Belize Parasail.

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