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Sunday Funday at the Truck Stop, Ambergris Caye

Sunday afternoon on Ambergris Caye.  A little music, some food and a giant waffle cone of delicious ice cream, lots of friends and more.  The Truck Stop is where it’s at.  PLUS, “Sunday Funday at the Truck Stop” is a title so perfect when set to the tune of 1975’s disco classic (others might say train wreck) “Car Wash”.

Ice cream flavors at Cool Cone - do you dare try the adult selections?
Ice cream flavors at Cool Cone – do you dare try the adult selections?

Can you dig it?

It was the perfect day for ice cream AND the new misting stations!  Hot and humid coming over the bridge north to Truck Stop.

TS1 (2)

And Adam and Nicolai cooling off under misting station #1.

TS (7)

AND this gives me the perfect chance to mention the New York Magazine article published this week highlighting Ambergris Caye as a “weekend getaway”.  Not only did focus on the Truck Stop along with lots of other great businesses on the island – they called AND I QUOTE “the go-to blog for news about all the new hotels, restaurant reviews, and happenings in Ambergris Caye and throughout mainland Belize”.

Totally righteous.

I arrived just as the pig was coming off the spit.

TS (6)

And the Cornhole tournament was about to start.  Sign-up begins at 1:30pm on Sundays and there are prizes for winning (like First place = $100 bar tab) and for the grooviest team name.

And sometimes celebs like Logan Paul join in…

logan paul
TS (1)

Senor Joe Chung is the coordinator/MC.  And was kind enough to send me a photo of the winner of the 16 teams.

First place on the right – Team Cornholios – Crocodile Chris and James.  And the 2nd place team – Team Benda – Linda and Ben.

You might recognize Chris from the super cool CSI (crocodile tours) that he does at night on the lagoon side of the island.

TS1 (1)

A little practice before it all started.  Including attempted interceptions.  Those are NOT allowed during the tournament.

TS (2)

Dennis Wolfe Jr. setting up for his gig.

TS (4)And the most lovely seat (right out of Hobbiton) for enjoying your cone.

TS (3)

For information on The Truck Stop, follow their facebook page.  They do Wednesday night movies – this week a bit of Monty Python.  It’s just a super cool spot to hang out.  On Sunday or any day.  Outta sight.

They are open Wednesday thru Sunday 11am to 8pm.

And just to let you know, I did a bit of internet research on the etymology of the term “cornhole” and…it doesn’t…bear repeating.


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8 thoughts on “Sunday Funday at the Truck Stop, Ambergris Caye

  1. Susan

    And it took the NY Times how many years to figure out what we all already know and have for YEARS…that you are indeed the go to blog! Congratulations and keep up the good work! Oh, I’ll down June 4th and I’ll have your stuff. Let me know if you need/want anything else. (just call me a team supporter for the blog) 🙂

      1. mysteryboy

        Pssst… might want to make some points with NY Mag and educate them with some geography. A|C is not a 10-minute flight from the country’s capital. 🙂

        1. mysteryboy

          and I’ve been wondering how long it would take before someone outted the definition of that game’s name

          1. mysteryboy

            I think you missed the real point they got wrong…..10 minutes…18 minutes… hour, it matters not The travel time is not the issue they screwed up.

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