A Holiday Monday: What A Great Day to take a Three Legged Dog Paddle Boarding in Belize

Yesterday, we took the boat to the back side of Ambergris Caye to do some final work on Cayo Frances Farm & Fly before the first official visitors arrive AND to teach Elsie, the tripod, to sit on a paddleboard.

It was a gorgeous day and Elsie had on her uniform.  I am hoping you don’t get too sick of “the farm” but it’s where I spent my last two days…and in my estimation, it’s so beautiful.

Plus, if you actually ADMIT to being bored by a three legged dog then you are just…a monster!


Through the cut.  And since it was Labour Day yesterday – May 1st Holiday celebrated yesterday – there were tons of families and kids out swimming and fishing.

Farm (4)Around to the back side of the island.

Farm (3)

And about 10 miles north, to the small cut into Cayo Frances lagoon.  Elsie and our chauffeur, Jeff.

Farm (2)

Incredibly shallow, we putt up to the camp.

Farm (1)

A quick look around…things are being readied for friends.

Farm (7)Farm (6)Farm (5)The new fire pit…

Farm1 (1)

And the mailbox.  Just in case…

Farm1 (2)

The inside kitchen almost ready.

Farm2 (1)

Time to take out one of the BoteBoards for her maiden voyage.  Elsie, the potential new YouTube sensation, has no clue what’s going on…

Farm2 (7)

10 minutes later we are at “The Sandbar”.

Farm2 (6) The water is high right now…so we were about ankle deep.  I’ll show you.  Boat tied up on the island.

Farm2 (4)

And with yesterday’s strong breeze, Jeff and Elsie were whisked away…

Farm2 (5)

A bit tougher getting back.

Farm2 (3)

What a good sport…

Farm1 (3)Farm2 (2)

I took my turn and Else, the wonder dog followed me out…and then scrambled to get on the board.  I need more practice fighting the wind then she does…

Time to pack up and head home.  What a beautiful evening.

As we headed through the mangroves in the lagoon right behind San Pedro town passing lots of fishermen and families returning home…

Farm1 (6)

And back through the cut…where there were even more families swimming.

Farm1 (5)

There is no website for this business in the making yet.  But you can reach Jeff at [email protected] for more information.


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