Ka’ana Boutique Resort – True Luxury & Attention to Details In The Ideal Location

Last week, I visited Ka’ana Resort, just outside of western Belize’s San Ignacio town, for two glorious nights.   A short distance from my home at the Belize reef (less than 100 miles), Ka’ana immerses you in a totally different world – and doesn’t skimp one bit on the amenities.  Good grief, I would have turned 2 nights into 2 months in a heartbeat.  San Ignacio Scoop has a beautiful ring to it…

The lovely lobby at Ka'ana

The lovely lobby at Ka’ana

Kaana6 (7)

I have so many photos, SO MANY PHOTOS – here’s my best attempt at a summary of my experience at Ka’ana.  Let me just set you up with this.  The staff is amazingly attentive, the attention to decor and detail (all Belize specific) in each and every nook of the property is amazing and the food is honestly the best that I have eaten at any resort in Belize – and there are some STRONG contenders.

Kaana (5)

Ka’ana’s property may be smaller than some of the 1000+ acre lodges that surround them in the Cayo District but by being so close to town (San Ignacio) and to the main thoroughfare, you have easy access to the AMAZING adventures and sights in the area.  From the caves to the waterfalls to the Maya temples.

The Black Orchid JUST blooming - the National Flower of Belize

The Black Orchid JUST blooming – the National Flower of Belize

Okay…let’s get to my pictures.

My Casita Suite was so cool upon entry – so SO nice after travelling in the warm Belizean early summer…

Kaana4 (2)

I had a lovely outside patio with seats under a ALMOST ready mango tree (talk about torment) and a huge super comfy bathroom.  Thick towels, gorgeous soaps and robes included.

Kaana4 (3)

A knock on my door and a iced cold hand cloth with icy lime-ginger drink.  Note to self:  learn how to make this.  Lime and ginger is such a great summer combination.

Kaana4 (4)

Off to explore the property – I had seen pictures of the 2 bedroom villa and hoped it was unoccupied.

Kaana4 (5)

Looking back at the entrance.

Kaana4 (7)

Kaana5 (3) Kaana5 (4)

So incredibly beautiful and private.  Love it.  I decided to take myself to the pool.  The new organic gardens and animals would wait for the coolness of morning.

Kaana1 (5) Kaana1 (6)

And a call box to order a Coke Light…heaven.

Kaana1 (1)

Kaana1 (7)

The meals at Ka’ana are absolutely amazing – one night I had a double cut molasses glazed pork chop so perfectly grilled (I actually looked around to see if anyone was watching and cleaned off the bone – boorish, I know) and gorgeous Belikin Stout braised short ribs.   Here’s a look at some of my equally delicious day time (aka better lighting) meals…

The best johnny cakes in Belize.  I’m not kidding.  With kombucha.

Kaana3 (7) Kaana2 (4)

Kaana (2)

And delicious green juice – chaya and ginger and honey, oh my.Kaana (3)

The bar area and outside spots…

Kaana1 (3) Kaana2 (2)

Kaana3 (1)

The inventive drink menu…

IMG_3263Kaana6 (2)

As night fell, the pathways were lit up and there were candles and bonfires around the property.  So so pretty.

Kaana6 (4)

Back to my room to find one of my favorite things  – this waiting for me.  (As well as turn down service.)   Just a little something with a smiley face.  The best.

Kaana (7)

The next morning I was up for a walk down to the organic gardens – where many of the herbs and vegetables for the meals are grown AND to meet the two sheep – both mothers to be.

Kaana2 (5) Kaana2 (6)

Super sweet.  AND I hear they are going to have a contest to name the babies…let’s all hope that “Lamby McLambFace” isn’t the winner.

Kaana2 (7)Kaana2 (1)

I got a thorough tour of the garden from Charlie…who knows just about everything about farming in Belize and farming organically.

He gave me some Lime Basil seeds – watch out bars on San Pedro, I shall be trying to sell it to you soon.  Think Lime Basil Mojitos.

Kaana3 (5)

A very smart way to use egg shells as fertilizer and starters for seedlings.

Kaana3 (6)

I can’t wait to return when there has actually been a bit of rain – without it for the past few months, things are beautiful but I can only imagine the work!Kaana3 (4)

So hopefully you can see why Ka’ana is so special.  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  The decor and the food are all centered around Belizean culture with lots of flair.  They offer amazing tours – some unique to this resort – to give you a true look at the area and local life.  Like a Yaxha Sunset Tour (a lesser known Maya site), a personal Maya cooking class right off the main dining area where you help make and eat your own meal…

Maya dining experience at Ka'ana Resort

…and ceramic making in a local village.

Kaana (6)

Kaana6 (5)

I had an absolutely gorgeous 2 nights…AND was met with a special surprise on my way out on Friday afternoon.  Blanca Velasquez, the Belize sailing champion, and her family were visiting the area from San Pedro and had been invited for lunch.

Super fun to sit down with just part of her family, some of the managers at Ka’ana and talk sailing.

Kaana3 (2)

I had a FANTASTIC stay.

Ka’ana will soon have a sister resort in beautiful beachy Placencia called It’zana.  I visited the site and the restaurant just over a month ago.  The same beauty, vision and attention to detail is present there already.

It is going to be amazing.  (Check out my April blog on It’zana.)

If you want to save this info for your future stay at Ka’ana, PIN IT! 🙂

My gorgeous two night stay at Ka'ana Boutique Resort in Western Belize - FANTASTIC spot to explore the jungle, the culture and the adventure of the country.

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