No More Tiny Roses, The Belize Tattoo Expo Comes To San Pedro Bigger and Crazier

Tattoos are nothing new – humans have been permanently marking their skin for thousands of years.


The indigenous people of New Zealand – the Maori – are masters.

But it seems…that with every year, they get more and more mainstream…more and more popular. What was once edgy or illegal is now everywhere!   No longer is a small dolphin on your hip or a tiny rainbow on your lower back all that risky or cool – now it’s go big or go home.

Tattoo1 (4)

In my book there are still some simple rules, like never tattoo someone’s name on you unless they are your mother, child or deceased best friend.  Don’t get a cheap tattoo.   If you are going to tattoo above the shoulders?  Be very confident in your ability of self-employment.   Or take a look at your father or grandfather’s body before you…

Okay, I’ll stop and get on with the facts.

Tattoo (7)

The Tattoo Exposition in San Pedro was certainly GO BIG OR GO HOME…and I walked into San Pedro High School on Sunday afternoon to the buzz of needles applying ink to probably about 25 people.

Note:  There was a “Freak Show” that was well advertised on both Saturday and Sunday night – for great pictures of that, please see Ambergris Today.

I’d rather just meet the guys on the beach.  It was a gorgeous day.  No need to see them swinging from their back skin.

Tattoo (6)

Carlos, on the right, lives in San Pedro and on the left, a gentleman from Mexico.

Tattoo (5)

Here are some photos I took inside – there were artists from all over Belize, Mexico, the US…

Tattoo (8)You gotta love some of the imagery…it’s pretty crazy.

Tattoo (9)

Amazing artistry…

Tattoo1 (1)

Tattoo1 (2)

Tattoo1 (3)

Kevin with his new tarpon.

Tattoo1 (5)

Turning into a mermaid.

Tattoo1 (7)

Her boyfriend said he wasn’t even planning to get a tattoo…but decided on…can you guess?

Tattoo1 (6)

Please make sure you will love your team forever.

Tattoo (1)

All smiles!

Tattoo (2)

I had to grab a sticker or two.

Tattoo (3)

Tattoo (4)

I didn’t stay too long…but it was super cool and something new for San Pedro.  THE EXPO, not tattoos.  They are VERY popular down here – we have 3 or 4 good artists in San Pedro.

I attended the 2014 Expo in Belize City…I wonder where they will be holding the next one.  Stayed tuned.

A picture of Slaughterhouse Tattoos in Belize City.


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