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A Trip to A New Beach On the Leeward Side of Caye Caulker – Koko King

Monday was a holiday in Belize.  Commonwealth Day – honoring the British monarchy and membership in the commonwealth.  In Belize, it is celebrated on the 3rd weekend of May…a nice kick-off to summer.

I celebrated by joining a bunch of friends on a boat trip to Caye Caulker – actually…to a small caye with a sandbar off the northern tip of Caye Caulker.  My friend Jackie had spotted it from her Tropic Air plane and thought it would be a great place to lounge and enjoy the day.

Koko2 (3)

There was a sandbar…of sorts.  But, the area was extremely grassy and the sandbar, more of a…smushbar.  We decided to head to the backside (the leeward side of Caye Caulker – about another 15 minutes) and try the new cleared beach just north of the famous Split in the island.

I believe the name is Koko King.  A large plot of white sand beach with a beautiful dock and lots of lounge chairs.  We pulled up and paid $10bzd each to have access to all the chairs and the sails used for shade.  Perfect.

Here are my pics.

The view of the beach.

Koko2 (6)

Looking back at the palapa.

Koko3 (1)

To the left, The Split.

Koko1 (6)

To the right, a hammock in the water…and lots of kids kayaking and swimming.  A few families were up here too for a day in the water.

Koko2 (7)Koko2 (1)

The families were using the bed – prime real estate for sure….

Koko1 (3)
Koko1 (2)

And the kids…so cute.  Miss, miss, take a picture of me.  Miss, miss!  Watch me put my face in the water.

Koko2 (5)Koko2 (4)Koko3 (8)Koko3 (7)

Our boat.

koko (2)

We found a ton of chairs, loungers and hammocks at the north end of the beach.

Koko3 (6)Koko3 (5)

We were with Creative Tours on the boat, C-Monkey.  Great group and a big boat – easily big enough for the 15 of us…and more.
Koko3 (4)

The gentleman was repairing a boat. Super interesting…replace the boards, stuff with cotton and then seal.Koko guy

Koko1 (1)
Koko1 (4)
Koko1 (5)

As the sun started the setting, the wind died down and the sea was beautiful.  But the sand flies came out…and I got bit.  And said the stupid thing:  Oh these guys bite me all the time on Ambergris Caye and it doesn’t bother me a bit.

Don’t get too cocky.  While you may be used to the bugs on one island, they might be slightly different on another.  Bring repellent and for the sand flies, something greasy.  Coconut oil, Skin-So-Soft, Baby Oil, even heavy sunblock, something to thwart those evil little demons.

Koko3 (3)
koko (1)

We packed up our numerous coolers and were off.  I’m sure the Queen would approve.  A beautiful beautiful day.

koko (3)

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4 thoughts on “A Trip to A New Beach On the Leeward Side of Caye Caulker – Koko King

  1. David G

    How would one get hooked up with this day trip? Going to be there first week of June and would love to spend a day there

    1. Belize Blog

      You could either take the water taxi over to Caye Caulker and then contact these guys to do a transfer OR you could work with a Ambergris tour company to do a private charter – if you’ve got enough people 🙂

  2. mysteryboy

    Oh, Scoop! You let me down… ALWAYS create your hyperlinks to open in a new window. Proper & much appreciated, let alone a pet peeve of mine (to do otherwise takes your readers off your site entirely, thereby breaking rule #1 of coding) See if you find the link to which I refer. 🙂

    1. Belize Blog

      Ha. You are easily disappointed mysteryboy. I know exactly which one it was…and I was in a MAD rush this morning to make it to a press conference. (No seriously) and WP has changed the way you do it…and it is super annoying. I might leave it like that to torment more people 🙂

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