The Next Truck Stop Farmers’ Market & Farm House Deli Readies For the Crowd

After closing for a week of much needed time off, the Truck Stop is again open and today, announced the monthly return of the HUGELY popular Farmers’ Market.  (Check out #1.)

truck stop

And by hugely popular, I mean a grab-fest reminiscent of Black Friday at an Arkansas Walmart except that no one was hurt (in fact everyone was quite orderly and good natured) and the products were not flat screen tvs or Tickle Me Elmo’s but DEEEEE-licious goodies.

Sue and her delicious boules at the first Farmers' Market

It will also be your chance to taste the fantastic ice cream (please someone let me know how the Jager tastes…I’m frightened)…

ice cream flavors at the Truck Stop and the Farmers' Market

and food at the Truck Stop.  And to pick up one of their ridiculously popular hats.

The Truck Stop Hats Available at San Pedro's Truck Stop & the Farmers' Market

One quick additional announcement for San Ignacio residents:

Notice to All Farm House Deli guests and supporters..

The Farm House Deli is coming to San Ignacio.. First Belmopan.. and now in June, we will be opening our San Ignacio Farm House Deli featuring both the Deli Cafe and the full service Deli and catering services throughout San Ignacio.

We are all very excited about opening our store in the San Ignacio Market area.. with an incredible view, overlooking the Macal River

The following message is a sponsored announcement by Ian Anderson.  In return, I will be receiving one lb of GORGEOUS pastrami and BAGELS!!!!! and smoked fish.  I am giddy and basically would have published anything for those items.  (Artistic integrity?  Meh.)  But this is good stuff so here it is.

Pastrami from Ian Anderson's Farmers' Market & Farm House Deli

The FarmHouse Deli is extremely proud to announce we will be in San Pedro once again for the May 21 Farmers Market at the Truck Stop.

During the March Farmers Market, most of our cured and smoked meats were sold out within the first hour, leaving many many visitors disappointed we were sold out so quickly ..

On May 21, we will come prepared with much much more for our guests to purchase.

We are also taking advance orders which will be pre packed and available at the May 21 Farmers Market at the Truck Stop.

All order must be emailed to the Farmhouse Deli by May 17, to be delivered to San Pedro Farmers’ Market on May 21.

We are looking so forward to seeing all our friends once again, in San Pedro.

2013 photo of the gorgeous cheeses

2013 photo of the gorgeous cheeses

Deli specialties for pre ordering:

FarmHouse Deli Product and Price list.

Welcome to the May 21, Farmers Market at the Truck Stop.

FarmHouse Deli Breads per loaf

Brioche $15.00

Sourdough 8.00

Multigrain 15.00

Honey oat 12.00

Molasses and oat 14.00

Rye pumpernickel 20.00

Rye bread 14.00

Dark rye 14.00

Cinnamon swirl 12.00

Pita @ 2.00

Belize’s No. 1 Wheat Bagel @ 3.50

Belize’s No. 1 Bagel @ 3.00

Gluten free bread 22.00

Banana loaf 14.00

Real .. Buttered Puff Pastry .. CROISSANTS @ 3.25

+ All breads and loafs are baked fresh daily at the Farmhouse Deli

FarmHouse Deli Cured and Smoked meats:

Oz. / lb.

Turkey pastrami 1.15 / 18.40

Beef pastrami 2.25 / 36.00

Corn beef 2.00 / 32.00

Turkey ham 1.15 / 18.40

Sweet cured bacon 0.85 / 13.60

Butt bacon 0.85 / 13.60

Smoke fish [barracuda) 1.15 / 18.40

Smoke local chicken 4 + lbs 24.00 per chicken

Pork loin 1.15 / 18.40

Smoke ham roll 0.95 / 15.20

Porchetta 1.25 / 20.00

Pancetta 1.00 / 16.00

Liver pate 9.00 / 8 0z tub

Chorizo Cured Sausage 2.00 / 32.00

Pepperoni Cured Sausage 2.00 / 32.00

Tuscan cured salami 2.00 / 32.00

Farm house Cured sausage 2.00 / 32.00

Cured salami 2.00 / 32.00

Summer Cured sausage 2.00 / 32.00 Farm house smoked Salami 2.00 / 32.00

+ all meats are either smoked or cured at the Farmhouse Deli.

Caves Branch Artisan Cheeses: Oz. lb.

Provolone 2.00 / 32.00

Smoked Provolone 2.10 / 33.60

Old Brabander 2.00 / 32.00

Smoked Old Brabander 2.10 / 33.60

Mr. Stinky 2.00 / 32.00

Aged Cheddar 2.00 / 32.00

Cottage Cheese 1.50 / 20.00

Spressa 2.00 / 32.00

Parmesan 2.00 / 32.00

Trappist 2.00 / 32.00

Triple crème camembert 3.00 / 48.00

Ricotta 1.25 / 20.00

Ricotta jalapeno 1.25 / 20.00

Red belli 1.50 / 24.00

Italian stallion 1.50 / 24.00

Quark 1.50 / 24.00

Feta 2.00 / 32.00

Mozzarella 2.00 / 32.00

+ All Chesses are handmade at our Artisan Cheese House at Caves Branch.

FarmHouse Deli brewed Pro Biotic Drinks.

. Dairy Kefir 5.00

. Water Kefir 5.00

. Kambucha 5.00

Sold in half litre bottles

Farm fresh Dairy Milk

Directly from our farms, hand milked, fresh, whole cream jersey milk. This is dairy milk at its best.. remember years ago how a bottle of milk would have a thick layer of cream rising to the top.. welcome back to the good old days.

Raw fresh full cream dairy milk 9.00 / half gallon

Farm fresh EGGS

Free Range Organic local eggs: 7.00 / dozen

Fresh Farm Vegetables ..

All farm fresh vegetables, fruits and berries will be available at the farmers market.

To place your advance orders to be delivered to the Farmers Market at the Truck Stop on May 21, please email your orders to: Farmhouse Deli [email protected] no later than Tuesday, May 17.

We look so forward to seeing all our friends again on May 21st at the Truck Stop in San Pedro.

Ian Anderson and the Farm House Deli family.

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