The Beach in Rhode Island, SO Gorgeous…But We Sure Aren’t In Belize Anymore

I hit the sweet spot.  The weather in Rhode Island has been ab fab – low humidity, temperature barely touching 80 degrees and sun.  The beautiful beginning to summer before things start getting hot and sticky.  And tiny Rhode Island (the smallest state in the union) is not an island…but when it comes to coastline?  It might as well be.

Here’s the little ocean state.


On summer weekends, the best beaches get CROWDED but we picked a Wednesday to head to the beach.  And it was JUST gorgeous.  I mean seriously pretty.



I thought I’d point out a few things that make these beautiful beaches different from my home base beaches in Belize.


1.  THE WATER TEMPERATURE  Clear and pretty with some waves slowly rolling in, this water is FAAAAA-REEEEZZZZING this time of year.  Like burn your feet off cold.  The sea is lucky to be in the low 60s (right now we are about mid 80s in Belize water-wise) and the sea breeze coming over the water?  Just as cold!

IMG_3881  2.  There are KILLER SEAGULLS   Picture this.  You go to the snack bar to get some chicken fingers and clam cakes.  You are balancing the plate, holding your son and ATTACK!  Sea gulls – and these are not small creatures – come dive-bombing out of the sky for your food.  Or your fingers.  Or both.  We were warned numerous about the cheekiness of these flying menaces.

IMG_38993.  The Beach is HUGE AND WIDE – In Belize we have beautiful soft white coral sand that never heats in the sun, in Lil Rhody, the beach is made from rock, ground to powdery sand.  It gets wicked hot in the summer, burning the tenderest toes, but redeems itself.  The beaches seem endless and stretch from dunes, hundreds of feet down to the frigid water.


IMG_39064.  There are Lifeguards  Ever few hundred feet or so, there is a life guard stand.  On our beach day, the guards were wearing sweat pants to keep warm.

IMG_38885.  There is NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED.  A beach without beers?  YES!  That’s how they roll in Rhode Island.

IMG_38936.  There are these odd creatures called Sand Crabs (or Mole Crabs or Sea Lice or Sea Cicadas – I had to look this up) that the kids LOVE to dig for.

IMG_3901Going to the shore when I was little meant hours of digging for these things.  Making habitats, trying to find the biggest or the smallest…these little guys stay towards the area where the waves break and dig deep into the soft sand.


Eeeek.  Best not to look at them too closely.



And now from my nephew Nate, age 8-  1.the water isn’t very cold once you go in.  2.our aunt is very very nice but she’s crazy (very very crazy)she’s wearing the same pants since she got here(6 days)also the same sweatshirt. 3.When Rebecca got here we started calling  her Loretta . To all followers please call REBECCA LORETTA

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