A Beautiful July in Belize

I love being in Belize and taking photos – especially when I get to go on amazing trips like snorkeling with sharks, visiting Caye Caulker and Lamanai Mayan site in the Orange Walk district.  But Instagram is the best travel brochure out there…my world bucket list has grown exponentially since I signed up…and it’s a brilliant way to see what people are doing around Belize.

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LIve vicariously.   Here are some pictures I took and some other great Instagram shots during the last few weeks…with summer fully upon us, the lightening storms at nights and the passing dark clouds seem to make things more beautiful.

Take a look…

@ravivora has been taking some GORGEOUS photos of both the jungle and Ambergris Caye.


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Heading through the lagoon just behind San Pedro town.instaA (5)

And rain coming…about 7 miles North Ambergris Caye.insta12

My trip to Lamanai…

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And something I learned from another traveler – you can bring dogs!  Who would have thought?


The beautiful howler monkeys at the Baboon Reserve.  This baby was my favorite.

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Another phenomenal photo from @jasontiesman of Belize’s Jabiru Stork.  One huge bird – 5 feet high and a beak like a…machete.  He took this picture on the mainland, near Crooked Tree – an area known for birding.


A hermit crab very much in need of a larger shell.

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This awesome photo from above of San Pedro’s Lobsterfestival.  You can see the festival in the front and in the back, the festival for Dia De San Pedro.  The celebration of St. Peter and fishing.


A view from the Canary Cove dock as we took a boat up north to visit Camp Basil Jones – 14 miles north.

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A camper sleeping with her doll.

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We have two new(ish) hostels in town – new over the past 2 years.  I haven’t stayed at either but I LOVE these photos of the views.

This GORGEOUS shot at Hostel La Vista – the view right over Central Park.


And Sandbar – a bit farther north on the beach.


Not bad at all.

Our dog Elsie on her way up to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.  As my friend Michelle said “sun’s out, tongue’s out”.

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Ginger minding her owner’s DELICIOUS Banh Mi stand – the pork banh mi and the banh mi burger are SOOO good.

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Some flowers around Ambergris Caye.

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Some sea life at Hol Chan Marine Reserve.


Sunset at the Truck Stop – don’t forget movie night on Wednesday or Saturday’s Farmers’ Market.


An artist that I am a bit obsessed with has been doing her work down by Placencia for the last few weeks.  Can you be an insta-stalker?  You can see her beautiful art work on this site.


Two meals I ate this week.

One cake from La Divinia Providencia Market – my local – and one that always tempts me with something tasty at the front counter.


And PIGTAIL.  My favorite deli, Briana’s on Back Street, does pig tail on Tuesdays.  It usually sells out QUICK but yesterday I got lucky.  Pig tail with split peas on rice.


Definitely not going to be in Martha Stewart’s magazines anytime soon.

There you have it.  July in Belize.  Not bad at all…

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