The Butterfly Migration on a Beautiful Morning Up North

The butterfly migration has started.  Flying north to south – the Cloudless Sulphur start slowly…one or two a minute passing along the beach and the sea to up to 100s at a time.  With an odd black or orange butterfly joining them, it’s a wave of yellow wings.

It lasts for about a week and then they are gone.

They are SO hard to capture in a photo while on the move…your only chance is the red flowers that seem to attract them.  Lucky for me, Island Films made this video a few years ago about the mid-July phenomenon.

Belize Butterfly Migration from Island Films on Vimeo.

Butterflies are cold-blooded creatures and move south to stay warm.  In the tropics, they often move to a place for a new food supply.  I have been unable to find out where these guys are coming from or where they are going to.  All I know is that it is magical to sit on the balcony and watch them fluttering by.

I went for a walk today – north from Xtan Ha Resort (at about 7ish miles north) to La Belize Resort (8 miles north).

BF (3)

I took a bunch of pictures…almost each one had a butterfly going by in it.   You are going to have to take my word for it.  Honestly.

BF (2)

Otherwise, you can just see what a beautiful walk it is…

One of the most gorgeous properties on the island, Tuto.

BF (1)

2000 feet of perfect beachfront.

BF (6)

BF (5)BF (4)

BF2 (3)

And looking back towards the main house and the caretakers’ home.  Both modest compared to the size of this amazing property.

BF3 (3)

Let’s continue north…BUTTERFLIES!  REALLY!

BF (7)BF2 (2)

The totally undeveloped properties are just as beautiful as those carefully groomed.

BF2 (1)

Sea grapes.

BF3 (4)

I love this advertising sign for Juan, a housepainter.  Interesting spot…

BF2 (6)

The next house before La Belize.

BF4 (1)

BF4 (2)

And then the resort…

BF5 (3)

And a walk out to the dock…

BF5 (1)

BF4 (3)

We headed back with butterflies whisking by us.  And did one show up on film?  No.  I have a goal for today.

BF3 (1)BF3 (2)


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