A Long Walk to Town, Changes on the Beach and The Palapa Bar

Yesterday was a gorgeous late afternoon for a stroll…and as soon as I set out, I realized that I haven’t walked the beach in AGES!  It has been hot but around 4pm, it was the perfect time.

I’ll start from the south – about 1.5 miles south, show you some pictures through town, and then the Palapa Bar and a bit farther north.

Here we go…

The Beach at Banyan Bay looking beautiful and lots of kids paddling.

Beach (2)

Beach (3)

Onward, Xanadu Resort has expanded their beach in a HUGE way.  At least 25 feet…maybe more and the seawall construction continues.

Beach (4) Beach (5) Beach (6)Beach (1)

Caribbean Villas was busy officially tagging their over the water palapa a bar.  At first, it was just going to be a place to enjoy your drink purchased on land…but things seem to have changed.

Beach1 (1)Beach1 (2)

The dock at Exotic Caye and Crazy Canuck’s.

Beach1 (3)

And JUST south of the Belize Yacht Club, White Sands Villas is under new management.  This project, started about 7 years ago, was only completed for one or two beach front units.  The rest is being gutted by new management.

Beach1 (4)

A modern new home right before the Island Academy School.

Beach2 (2)

And walking past the school’s grounds.
Beach1 (6)

And the Belikin dock.

Beach1 (5)

The dock at Ramon’s Village.

Beach2 (3)

The Diamante project is partially complete – the top until on the seafront seems to be occupied.

Beach2 (1)

Favorite restaurant Blue Water Grill.

Beach1 (15)

A bit of town.  The former restaurant Lick’s is now Dock’s.  MUCH BETTER NAME!

Beach2 (5)

The Tacklebox, now closed for almost 2 years now, is still under legal dispute…or so I hear.

Beach2 (4)

The Thursday night Chicken Drop set up for the crowd.

Beach1 (18)

Estel’s closing for the evening.

Beach1 (19)

And Central Park…

Beach1 (7)

One the right side of the municipal dock – La Gaviota.

Beach1 (8)

And the other side, the Sea Witch.

Beach1 (9)

Amigos Del Mar dock.

Beach1 (10)

And a quick peek inside the Palapa Bar with her completed second deck.

Beach1 (20) Beach1 (21)

Maybe the best swim and sun spot in town.Beach1 (22) Beach1 (23) Beach1 (24)

Beach1 (26)

Why stop now…up into the Boca Del Rio area.

New construction.  It seems like I missed the new announcement that all one-story homes must expand.  EVERYONE seems to be adding on levels.

Beach1 (27)

Ocean Tides Resort.

Beach1 (28)

Wayo’s Bar and Aqua Vista Suites.

Beach1 (29)

Hotel Boca Del Rio is for sale.  Definitely a prime location.

Beach1 (30)

And that’s it…promise.  A walk along the seafront…

Beach1 (31)

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