San Pedro, Belize Hodgepodge: Orchids, Lingerie and An AMAZING Clean-Up

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS hot day…one to take a walk to town.  I live almost 2 miles south and am WITHOUT vehicle.  I’m not a biker – I’d rather NOT arrive somewhere drenched in sweat, I’m a walker…or a taxi taker ($7bzd to town) or one who will readily accept a ride from a passing golf cart.

Yesterday, just a minute or two up the road, I stopped in to Grand Colony Island Villas to see if the summer orchids were out.

And they were…

Lots of these – they stick out on long branches from the plant and dangle in the air.

HP1 (7)HP1 (1)

And this less common variety…

HP1 (6) HP1 (5)

Outside a friend passed and I hitched a ride to town.  Passing the Roman Catholic School and the guy who sells fruit outside.  This week’s specialty is kinep.

HP1 (2)

On the south corner of Middle Street is a new store – lingerie and…adult items in San Pedro.  And just yesterday I was wondering (with the NY bagel shop and the FIFA football field) what else?

Star’s Island Fantasy.  It’s a really nice shop with a wide array of items – from cotton pjs to more racy sets.

Ladies who live here know that finding undies and bras is TOUGH – they have great things here.

HP1 (3)HP1 (4)HP (2)HP (3)

Great things and whips.

Just north on Middle Street is the site of the big fire that wiped out half the block just over a week ago.  The clean-up is incredible.

HP (6)

The back of Lino’s Meats.HP (5)

And the view from the steps on the side of Graniels’ Dreamland.  The buildings in between are gone.HP (4)

Much money has been raised and the response from the community, the country and international fans of Belize has been INCREDIBLE.

One street over, I was on the beach.  A beautiful day indeed…

HP (7)HP (1)

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