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Top Gun At the Truck Stop On Ambergris Caye: I Certainly Haven’t Lost that Loving Feeling

Talk to me Goose.

Few movies epitomize the 80s like Top Gun…Raiders of the Lost Ark, Breakfast Club, Splash,  Working Girl, Raising Arizona.   I love them all.   As someone born in 1973, the 80s were MY decade.

So when The Truck Stop announced that they were showing iconic TOP GUN for their Wednesday night movie, I was all in.   It’s such a super cool place to watch a movie, grab an ice cream cone and a drink and as soon as the sun sets…it’s curtain time.

First I had to find out my call name with this Call Name generator.  Maverick, Goose, Iceman, Slider, Jester and Lt. Rebecca “Suitcase” Coutant.  Ugh.

Better than any movie theater I know.

TG (2)

We got there early…to watch the sunset.  The place was PACKED about an hour later.

TG (5)

I went for an ice cream dinner and then settled into my seat.  The waiter service is so great during the movie – for drinks and food.

TG (3)TG (1)TG (7)

What a beautiful place to watch ONE AWESOME MOVIE.

TG (4)IMG_4686

30 years later, this movie TOTALLY holds up.  Especially the flight sequences.

And there is tons of interesting trivia around this movie – most of it sad.  Like a famous aerobatic pilot dying during the filming of the movie (much like the way Goose died) – and the making of Top Gun 2 – in the works between 2010 and 2013 until producer Tony Scott committed suicide by jumping off an L.A. bridge.

That said, I love watching a movie at the Truck Stop.  A great Wednesday night out.

Check out Time Magazine’s 10 reasons Why Top Gun is Still Awesome.




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12 thoughts on “Top Gun At the Truck Stop On Ambergris Caye: I Certainly Haven’t Lost that Loving Feeling

  1. Scott P

    Do they show a movie every Wed? I think I am ending my patrol with S6 on the 26th and don’t have any plans for the 3 nights before heading home. It might be worth it to revisit San Pedro and see what has changed over the last few years. Either that or stay in San Ignacio and finally book an ATM tour.

    1. SPmQQse

      if you liked san pedro years ago…..there isn’t much of a chance you’ll like what they have done to the place.

    2. sanpedroscoop

      Quite a bit has changed…and yes, they do it every Wednesday – super fun. But the ATM is so crazy kick ass…I’m torn.

  2. SPmQQse


  3. TarheelBornGal

    I think your call sign is perfect, given your traveling propensity! Mine is very strange: “Wookie”. Whatever that means! Looks like a very fun time.

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