A Trip South of Town: New York Bagels AND A FIFA Football Field???

Saturday morning, I took a trip south of town about a mile or so – to the area that I believe is technically called San Pablo.  Just south of the airstrip but north of the DFC area on Ambergris Caye.  I had two stops and both pretty exciting and pretty freakin’ CRAZY for this “small” island.

“Small” in quotation marks because this island grows in size seemingly every day.  More traffic, more construction, more people, more businesses.


But that’s not what I’m talking about today.  I’m talking about something near and dear to my heart, my “last food” before execution – a bagel and cream cheese.  NO!  It is not just bread shaped as a donut…it’s a delicious chewy, dense delight with a brown baked outside.  Boiled then baked.  Making good bagels is no easy feat.

We now have a bagel shop!  Open from 8am to 3pm and located next to Caye Coffee in the building that used to be the Sausage Factory.  Or…if you have no idea what I’m talking about, look for the signs as you head south of town.

This looks promising!


I first took a tour and…holy moly…there is a SERIOUS amount of equipment!

And they are even bringing in flour from the states after running into issues with the local product.


A bagel former…IMG_4624

An oven larger than most closets inside…IMG_4626

The front area looks great – like a serious deli.


Flavored cream cheeses – I don’t know about coconut lime…someone will have to try for me…and even NY cheesecake and tasty biscotti.


I tried a sesame with Pesto Cream Cheese and we also tried an Everything with Plain Cream Cheese…


And, they were much better than I expected…a nice chew for sure.  And my Pesto Cream Cheese was tasty….really good.  I could have just used about 10x as much – I am a huge fan of the schmear.

Stop by and let me know what you think.  Can you believe we have a bagel shop in San Pedro???

Another “can you believe it” is just down the road…the new Ambergris Stadium is coming right along and is a WOW of a huge- to be stared at in disbelief – project.

The turf has been laid down, pitched at 2% so that the water can roll off and the grandstands are being built.  Supposedly with room for thousands of spectators.

I thought about hospitals or schools or new roads in areas where the bulk of the population lives…but paused.  Let’s just stand agape at this crazy new field down some seriously bumpy roads in DFC.

IMG_4634 IMG_4635 IMG_4636 IMG_4637

Almost unreal…it is NOT open yet.  There is still a coating that needs to be applied to the turf…IMG_4638

But wow.


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