Where on Ambergris Caye, Belize is the Scoop?

How well do YOU know Ambergris Caye?  Here are some photos around San Pedro town and north of town…can you identify where they are?  Some are not easy.  But all answers are at the end of the post.

But first, an update on the weather.  Late summer is most definitely here.  The wind has died down…the sun is hot.   While it hasn’t been raining much yet, heavy clouds sit in the sky threatening passing showers.Where-In-Ambergris1 (1)

I call it two shirt weather.  If you are out and about, you are going to be changing your shirt 2-3 times a day.  Keep hydrated all!

Where-On-Ambergris-Caye (1)

This photo of the ocean shows just how still things are.

in da water


  1.  Hint:  You can see this gentleman on a balcony as you land at the airstrip.Where-On-Ambergris2 (4)

2.  Two chairs.Where-On-Ambergris2 (2)

3.  This odd and very specific warning sign.

Where-In-Ambergris1 (7)

4.  This spot is so super interesting and may have the widest variety of items that I’ve ever seen in my life.

Where-On-Ambergris2 (6)

5.  An easy one for you.

Where-On-Ambergris2 (7)

6.  And not too far away…I love this little sign.  The saw blade means business but the language is so polite.

Where4 (3)

7.  The most beautiful display of bananas that cost 5 for $1bzd or .50US.

Where4 (7)

8.  You might find this one strange but I PROMISE, this dog can be found here 22 hours a day.  He is usually fast alseep with his head on the curb but once in a while…

Where4 (4)

9.  Last but not least…

Where-In-Ambergris1 (3)


  1.  The pirate can be seen Captain Shark’s Marine Supplies on the west side of the air strip, across the street from Maya Air.

Where4 (1)

They also have a pretty sweet bike rack.

2.  The two white adirondack chairs overlook the lagoon at one of the prettiest spots to watch the sunset – the small dock at Cocotal Inn and Cabanas.

Where-On-Ambergris2 (3)Where-On-Ambergris2 (1)

3.  Beware 3 crocks is in the viewing tower on the lagoon side across from Costa Blu Resort at about Mile 6.5 north.

Where-In-Ambergris1 (6)

4.  Mini Tienda Katherin on Back Street – where you go for anything you just CAN NOT FIND.  Thread…bandanas…a mop bucket…shot glasses.  The rolls of vinyl displayed in the front are “marley” – a non-adhesive floor covering.  It’s an old tradition here to replace you curtains and marley for the holidays.

Where-On-Ambergris2 (5)

5.  The letter B is part of the gorgeous mural painted by the Belizean artist Papo at the Truck Stop – about 1 mile north on Ambergris Caye.  It’s a favorite spot to take pictures and to have a drink.

Where-On-Ambergris2 (8)

Watch this video of the artist and the painting of the mural.  It’s fantastic.

6.  The saw blade KEEP OUT sign is north of town about 1 mile.  On a gorgeous sea to lagoon lot that is kept beautifully groomed.

Where4 (2)

7.  Beautiful bananas are at…

Where4 (7)

…this fruit stand in Boca Del Rio.  They have a huge selection and some of the best prices in town.

Where4 (5)

8. This dog is found south of the bridge next to the Calvio Bike Repair shop…

Where-On-Ambergris-Caye (2)

Right here.  Always here….Where4 (6)

9.  On the road going north at about Mile 2.5 is the beachfront home Blue Dolphin.  And on the road…this blue dolphin.  Always reminds me of mini-golf and the Jersey Shore.

Where-In-Ambergris1 (2)

There you have it.  How many did you get right?

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