Pre-Earl: The Road (the Path and the Quarry) North on Ambergris Caye – WAY NORTH

All of these photos and most of this post were done pre-Earl.  With so much sand washed away during the storm, you can be sure that this quarry will be working overtime…and the huge dump trucks that give you a teeth-rattling HOOOOONK as they blow by you, will be a frequent sight around the caye.  The clean-up is going full force around the caye…I will update this as soon as I can get up there.

road3 (2)

About a week and a half ago, after trying to hitch a boat ride up to Camp Basil Jones, it was suggested to me that I just drive north.  DRIVE 14 MILES NORTH!?!?!!  Just a few years ago, one or two miles north of town was considered my “far north”.  Even a few miles over the bridge was a full day event that needed much advance planning.

road3 (5)

We now have a bridge (for those who haven’t been to San Pedro in about 11 years) AND A ROAD.  Paved in 2015 as far north as 3 miles (or Belizean Shores Resort) and then hard packed and graded to almost 11 miles north – or just behind luxe El Secreto.

Once you get up there, you need to take a turn towards the beach.  Here’s what I saw on my drive just over a week ago.   CAN YOU BELIEVE EARL WAS LESS THAN ONE WEEK AGO?  I can hardly…I am again amazed at how quickly this community can rebound.

road3 (1)

Once you hit about 7.5 miles north, there are some lots being cleared and a few homes being built.  These are part of the lots that were allegedly given out during the last election.


road6 (2)road1 (7)

There are a few turn-offs to the beach but it still stuns me how this massive road is being plowed through dense trees and brush when so few people live up here…

road4 (4)

Turn right to the beach.

road6 (5)

The road passing Sapphire Beach – at about 10 miles north.

road4 (2)

And then…driving down a broad road with very little around other then some turn-offs like this…

road4 (3)

You see the sign for El Norte Bar and Playa Del Sol Resort.  If anyone knows how this CUTE spot fared during the storm, please let us know!

UPDATE FROM OWNER!  The pier is down, the bar is GOOD! and the construction all hurricane proof.  There is clean up to do but they are faring well 🙂

You must turn…the road ends just ahead.

road4 (7)

road4 (5)

road2 (4)

road2 (2)road2 (3)

The owner, a Cypriot (I like using that word and I don’t often get the chance), came running out to show us his place.  This is the first of a few buildings to be built.

road2 (1)road2 (7)road2 (6)

We continued on.  The road, at this point, takes to the beach and it was beautiful.

road2 (5)

Passing El Secreto along the beach…looking for stars…

road5 (1)

And just soaking in the view.  The road was bumpy, to be sure…

To the left, beautiful trees, shrubs and sunning wish willys.

road5 (3)

To the right…sigh.

road5 (2)

road3 (3)

road1 (3)

After 40 minutes, we reached Tranquility Bay (which will be re-opening this week) and Camp Basil Jones…

road3 (4)

road3 (6)

We spent a few hours with the kids and having lunch at summer camp…

BJ1 (15)

And then bumped our way back home again.

Passing the dock at the old shrimp farm…

BJ (3)

The beach at the old Sueno Del Mar – the resort that was built, quite grandly about 8 years ago, opened with partial ownership agreements and then was taken by the bank.  (For some of the details, you can see this letter to the editor in the local paper.)

road3 (7)

And back to the main road.  Here’s a much more realistic shot of bumping along…

road6 (1)

A brand new dock at about mile 12 where something LARGE is being built.   Not sure of its current state…

road5 (4)

Back through El Norte…

road1 (2)road1 (1)

And we took a right, heading south, at the quarry.  The huge parcel of land that was carved out of the mangroves and is now being mined for fill.

road1 (6)

Cleared mangroves and a series of very deep lakes that have been excavated.

road1 (4)

I am not writing this to gloss over the damage from Hurricane Earl but to show how GORGEOUS this island is…to stress that progress is…progressing quickly and how beautiful it still is.  One storm is not going to hold us back.  Also, if you have any information on any of the properties up north…please let us know.

As I said in my last post…

Ambergris Caye, Belize


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