A Week in Snapshots Around Belize: Things Getting Back to Normal

Man…what a week!  The post Hurricane Earl clean-up and life getting back to normal, the Supreme Court ruling in Belize against the illegality of homosexuality, the Olympics (with Simone Biles who is a US AND Belize citizen) and HOT beautiful weather.

I MEAN HOT.  I had about 2 and a half minutes to eat this ice cold paleta.

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Here are some of the photos that I have been posting on my Instagram account along with some others from around the country.  A Week in Belize.

Just over a week ago, waiting with the cows at San Ignacio’s pretty airstrip to GET BACK TO THE ISLAND after the hurricane.

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Just two days before I had been evacuated from the Chiquibul Forest where I had been baby-sitting scarlet macaws (this blog is coming tomorrow) – WHAT A GORGEOUS LANDSCAPE.

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And strange creatures.  This stinging caterpillar is as big as my hand.

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We were waiting for this guy to fledge.  His sibling left before I arrived, he…a bit more hesitant.Inst (22)

Many docks were destroyed by the storm.  Here at X’tan Ha Resort.

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And this gorgeous baby girl was found washed across a highway separated from her mom on the mainland.  She is now named Hope and lives at WildTracks (check them out…they do AMAZING work.)


But resorts and businesses worked feverishly to clean up the beach – and to salvage wood to rebuild.  The coast is again looking beautiful.

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Some relocated, like the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi, which is now using the municipal pier in Central Park.

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The bar El Norte, 11 miles north made it thru the storm.

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The beach in Tres Cocos.

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7 miles north.
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And about 13 miles north.

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This three legged dog slept through the whole thing.  Here she is sleeping with her eyes open.

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And running on the beach a few days ago.

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We have been having some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

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And good news.  TWO new direct flights are coming to Belize.  From Denver and from Toronto.

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And the Supreme Court ruling.


Which reminded me of two quotes I saw this week.  One on a park bench in San Ignacio, Belize.

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“Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open”


On Caye Caulker, “Kind words are the music of the world”.

kind words

It was international elephant day – and I HAD to get out my photos of wild Indian elephants in Thekkady, Kerala, India spotted in February.

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And get out some of the pretty things I got in India…and to start day dreaming about my next trip.

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The week was big for fishing…a team is down for tarpon tagging and the fishing seems to be great.

insta1New flies arrived for Cayo Frances Farm & Fly
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AND they were featured in The Drake Magazine.

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A new beer is in Belize!  And it’s being featured at The Truck Stop.  Still big news around here, since Belikin was a total monopoly for years, and the selection is still fairly limited.

Amstel Bright.

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So there you have it.  The week in Belize…

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Come down and see us sometime…

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