Construction on Ambergris Caye: From A Boutique to a New Gas Station

September, to me, marks the official beginning of the low season.  September through November things, tourist-wise, slow down considerably and quite a few bars and restaurants close down for clean-up, a bit of renovation & construction and just vacation.

Don’t worry if you are coming down to take advantage of the great deals on lodging and air fares…there is always plenty open.

There is also LOTS of construction going on in town…and I know many projects are geared to finish in December.

It’s all a bit overwhelming…especially to those who like to picture the San Pedro of their youth…or the one they first fell in love with (me in 2006).  Progress brings change – both good and bad.

SO…here’s a ride around town and some of the changes.

First on Middle Street.


The windows are now covered in paper but inside are chandeliers and lots of white shiny female mannequins.  An outpost of Neimann Marcus?IMG_6237

Next, on the same block, just across from the Greenhouse and south of the Social Security building is new construction.  (The lot used to house Milo’s.)  I hear this is another storefront for Superbuy…the HUGE supermarket on Back Street.

It’s going up quickly.

IMG_6238 IMG_6239 IMG_6240

Next, continuing south on Middle Street is the site of July’s horrible fire.  The first bit of construction has started on the cleaned lot.


Just north of the airstrip, the new office building is being revealed (it was surrounded by a face for months)…

It has an ugly digital screen…


and it looks like another one is being installed just across the street.  Almost a mini-Piccadilly circus should be ready for the high season.


Just around the bend, a small wooden house has been elevated (a new trend in town) and there is a small supermarket going in below.


And a bit farther south, the site of the OLD Hideaway Hotel…a place that probably closed in 2004?  Does anyone remember?  The building was there…and then torn down.  The large lot was vacant for some time.

hideaway hotel

Hey look!  It still has a website.

Now, something is being constructed.  The large lot is fenced off and a building has been constructed.

IMG_6248 IMG_6249 IMG_6251

Time to head north…and over the bridge…


Just over, in the parking lots of the movie theater, near the entrance to San Mateo, a large supermarket is being built.  MAN we have a large selection now.

Supermarkets are sprouting up EVERYWHERE…and not small ones.  Bigger seems to equal better?  I’m not a fan.

IMG_6258 IMG_6259

Construction was going fast and furiously until Hurricane Earl…and has since stopped.

Next, about 1 mile north, is everyone’s favorite…The Truck Stop.  Check out their facebook page – they are closing from Sept 5 to October 5th and they are also putting in a new food truck.

They are looking for input!

truck stop

And lastly, about 4.5 miles north at the turn to “Secret Beach”, a LARGE area that was water has been filled.  And plans, I hear, are for a shop and a gas station.

IMG_6260 There you go.  A blog for those who visit often, or own a property here.  The nitty gritty for those who like to track change.



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