Thinking of Belize? Some Cool Gifts for YOU (and I guess Others) Until Your Next Trip

When I lived and worked in the States, I basically lived from vacation to vacation.  Sure there was a stressful job in between…but as soon as I returned from a vacation (usually somewhere warm and sunny), I was off planning the next trip.

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It wasn’t until I first visited Belize in August 2006 – HOLY MOLY 10 YEARS AGO!!! – that I wanted to immediately repeat a vacation.  I was back in Belize less than 2 months later – and living here less than one year later.

parasailing view reef ambergris

There was something about Ambergris Caye that just felt right…even for a single 33 year old New Yorker.  And I know there are lots of people out there that feel the same way.

But even if moving here is not in the cards…or it is but not for a while…

This might help.

etsy escape plan

…or if visiting once a year is enough…here are some cute things I found on the Internet that will keep you thinking about Belize while at home.

Want to remember your first trip to Belize or another meaningful trip in your life…honeymoon?  This is pretty great.

You can customize the colors and the paper.



color palette

And more gifts.  The internet just told me that there are only 112 days left until Christmas!

Etsy shop LoosePetals makes these super cute cards or posters.  The one of Belize is great.

etsy xtan ha

As are lots of other ones…

etsy memphis

Stand alone or a collage of places that you’ve visited, these are SUPER cute.

Bonus:  Can anyone name the resort in the Belize card?

Or these more graphic prints…


There’s Ambergris Caye!  All found at this store on Etsy.

ambergris caye

Are people wearing cuff links anymore?  If so…this enameled pair, made from the feather-weight 1 cent coin of Belize are pretty snappy.

esty links

You can even pick your color from Etsy store Mondus.

I’m not sure this is a gift…a gag gift?  And I’m guessing that it is totally useable in Belize.  It’s sold on Etsy as a “prop ID” for a film or theatre.

Seems like a good way to get yourself in trouble.

etsy id

How about a customized jar for saving for your next trip to Belize


I like these rings…and man!  Do they look solid.  The type of jewelry that I’d be like to be wearing when walking down a dark alley alone.

For more, check out this Etsy shop – the selection is pretty neat.

belize ring

Okay…now I’m getting to “inspired by Belize”.  These tops, dresses, kids clothing…all Mexican embroidery, all hand done, are about the most beautiful things you can find.  They are not cheap…but man…are they pretty.  The brand is called Mi Golondrina…and updates beautiful Mayan/Mexican hand sewn items.


photo from blog:  A Piece of Toast

If you like this look – Erica Maree also does some amazing stuff – bags and clothing – at a bit lower price point.  Look at this bag….

erica maree bag

Sigh.  Or a $20 change purse.

20 clutch

And one more quickie inspired by Mexico, these GORGEOUS paper cut outs from AyMujer.  Wedding or no wedding, these are the prettiest most festive decorations ever.

Keep your place looking warm & sunny even in the winter?


And if you want to focus on “made in Belize” – check out MayaBags in Punta Gorda.  Beautiful modern design and local craftsmanship…this company is helping entire villages in the south of Belize while making GORGEOUS items.

I obsessed over this one that I saw in my 2010 Vogue for years.


That’s all from me.  In the states, it is Labor Day weekend and everyone is away and no one is reading my blog.

I get it.  Wear your white shoes, put on your seersucker suit and enjoy the unofficial end of summer!

And if 112 days seems like EONS to you, as it does me, PIN this post for later.

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