The Independence Parade in San Pedro Part Two: Jump Up Behind the Truck!

More photos from Belize’s 35th Birthday Party in San Pedro.   Did I mention that it was HOT?  I’m giving you all my photos because, well, I worked hard for them.  The temperature may have been 89 degrees at noon but the real feel?  Accuweather tells me it was 110.  And I BELIEVE!  Blistered feet, a crazy sunburn and…some sort of heat exhaustion that make me…well a bit sick.  Was it worth it?

Ambergris Caye Sept 21st Parade

MOST DEFINITELY.  Here is Part One.  And Part Two…

The actual parade.  Hopefully you can feel the energy.

Biker in San Pedro Parade

Town Councilman Gabby Nunez – they were throwing out tons of candy.

Gabby Nunez, Ambergris Caye, Beliize


The AID commission did a fantastic section of the parade with the theme – volunteerism.


Followed up by Mayor Danny and Minister Heredia!


Sandy Toes Bar, Finn & Martini Restaurant and El Jefe Food Truck…


And then Xanadu Resort and the Garifuna Commission of San Pedro.

Garifuna float in parade San Pedro

And a traditional Garifuna costume that I was GLAD I wasn’t wearing…

Processed with Snapseed.

And then the AMAZING Mystic Mas group.  I got so many great pictures of them in Part One.  Here they are in action…as I was swooning 🙂

Mystic Mas Group San Pedro Belize

I don’t know how they do it.


AND A QUICK IMPORTANT LOST DOG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Stella, the beautiful dog at Sandbar Hostel, Bar & Restaurant, was scared off by the fireworks on Tuesday night and is still missing!  Her owner Britteny (Mayor Danny above 🙂 ) is furiously looking for her.


Her collar has her # on it.  But if you have seen her, please call Brittney!  630-1241

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