Why You MUST Be in Belize on September 21st! The San Pedro JUMP UP Parade!

Good grief!  Is it possible to have a parade hangover?  No, no.  I didn’t down rum punch and Belikin, only water but the heat!  The amazing energy!  THE HEAT!  2016’s San Pedro Jump Up Parade for Belize’s 35th Year of Independence may not have been the longest ever but it was fantastic.  And I took many many pictures…

This year the parade was set to jump off at 10am…and after the late night, the 21 gun salute in town and the HUGE midnight fireworks…the site of the previous night’s event…

Downtown football field San Pedro Belize

…you can imagine things were running a bit late.  I think 11:20am was the time…

It gave me PLENTY of time to take lots of photos at the line-up.

Beautiful Alice with her Sept 21 make-up


I’m just going to keep them coming fast and furious.  From the beginning of the line-up to the AMAZING end and the Mystic Mas group.

Miss San Pedro 2016-2017 Belize

Police Line Up Sept 21

Miss San Pedro on her float.

Miss San Pedro float Sept 21 Belize

And the kids dressed in their cultural wear.

Cultural Kids in Parade

Justin and his grandma

Can you think of a more beautiful back-drop for a parade line up?

DJ Debbie San Pedro Belize

I wasn’t sure what this group was up to…man down?

TUMBLERS in this crazy heat!

San Pedro tumblers

Parade KIds on Bikes


And this glitter-tastic group!


And then the front!  I have no idea how he hauled this.  I tried it on before he geared up and I literally could not budge the steel contraption.

The next group.


Mother daughter team.Amy Knox and Gabby Parade

And a bit later…


And MYSTIC MAS!   A huge group of sea creatures from lion fish to mermaids to…not exactly a creature but a Belize landmark – the Blue Hole.  Amazing AMAZING costumes.

ANYONE can be in this group…maybe think about signing up next year?  Some lion fish…

Each section had a queen.  Here is the Queen of the Blue Hole.

Blue Hole in parade

And the mermaids…so gorgeous!  All of them!


And Melody, the queen.

And the back of her costume.

And some seahorses.


Amazing, amazing, amazing.  90 degrees, real feel about 110.  The whole event is over the top awesomeness.  And I have too many more photos.  Will get to work.  Until then…

Please pin so you remember to visit next year and JUMP UP!

Visit Belize to celebrate Independence Day.  Music, dancing, Carnival...it's amazing.

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