Pimping Your Ride For Belize’s September Celebrations

I love Independence Day just about anywhere.  But Belize’s is extra special in tons of ways.  Here are just a few…

1.  It’s not just a day, it’s about three weeks – there are two official holidays Sept 10th and Sept 21st and events last all month long.  You can see the schedule here  2.  Belize is younger than I am!  35 years old this year.  3.  Belizeans REALLY knows how to throw a party.


And today is September 1st so I thought I’d kick off this month of partying with an official party vehicle.  A bit of razzle dazzle added to the old Club Cart Carry-All.

So…despite the fact that it was 90 degrees (real feel 109), I hit the town.  Three different stops for red, white and blue.

First stop, the Candle Garden on the very north end of Middle Street.

Sept 1 too (6)

They have moved in the past year and now have so much more than just decorations…flowers, homemade PINATAS (oh how I love a pinata), cake and paninis and real coffee.

Sept 1 too (4)Sept 1 too (3)

Sept 1 too (5)

I won’t lie…this would have been the PERFECT pinata for my recent birthday.  Maybe next year.IMG_6176

They have some very cute stuff and will be putting out more.  I’ll keep this in mind for the parade.  Think I’ll be too hot?

Sept 1 too (2)

I sat down for a DELICIOUS icy frappe…good grief did it hit the spot.  They also have wi-fi and some comfy booths.

Sept 1 too (1)

Trust me.  It is nice to know the cool spots you can duck into when you are walking around town in the late summer.

Sept 1st (1)

Sept 1st (5)

I headed south on Middle Street to the budget spot A&R.  It all reminds me about when it first moved into town.  I found it so bizarre but now embrace it as a spot for CHEAP decorations and school supplies.

Their supply of red, white and blue was limited…

Sept 1st (6)

Some good hats with sparkle hair to celebrate both Mexico’s independence (September 16) and Belize (September 21st).Sept 1st (7)

Next, Caye Supplies on Back Street – the Target of San Pedro.

I passed the football field where they are setting up for the Miss San Pedro pageant on Saturday night.

Sept 1st (4)

And I hit the motherload.


Sept 1st (3)

Flags, hats, tattoos, headbands, stickers!Sept 1st (2)IMG_6192

Sept 1 (6)

And these AWESOME wallets.  How cool would it be to bust one of these out in another country?  AND the belts. I’ve been rocking one of these for years.

Sept 1 (5)

See this photo from 2013.

me September


Sept 1 (4)

About $35bzd spent – on cart decor and a few personal items…for me and Elsie.  A few hours later – the great reveal.

Sept 1 too (7)Sept 1 (2)

And Elsie…all ready for the party.  The ultimate September celebration dog…loud fire crackers don’t even stop her snoring.

FullSizeRender (65)

Hurray!  My favorite month of the year.  Hope you spot us on the streets – we will be hard to miss.


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