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The Fun, Funny, Quirky and Just Plain Odd Signs of Belize

Road signs, store signs, and just random warning signs…there are lots of beautiful hand-painted, intentionally or unintentional funny signs and often unexpected signs in this little country.

On Tobacco Caye though this one could be in SO many spots.


Here are a bunch of photos that I’ve taken over the last few years all around the country.  Please send me a picture of any great sign you’ve seen in Belize…I know that I am missing plenty!

GO SLOW is the unofficial motto of tiny Caye Caulker.  They express it in a few different ways.  Some grimmer than others.


I couldn’t find my own photo of this one, so I have borrowed the photo from EarthMoho – the blog features some gorgeous photos of the tiny caye.


And VERY good reason to go slow.


And wise advice.


Another classic – on a liquor store.  While drinking may be fun, drinking high alcohol content mouthwash?  Not so much.


And this sign, 2013 in Caye Caulker, Elvis lives!  And Priscilla is seriously odd.


I could really get going on Ambergris Caye but I will try to limit myself…

This very specific sign at Costa Blu Resort on the lagoon side.


No longer there, this one is a CLASSIC.


Another beauty – at Saul’s Coffee Shop on Middle Street.


And I had to sneak into the men’s room at Estel’s for this one.  Not an official sign but funny to me.


I’ll throw in another bathroom sign to get them out of the way.  This one at the Curve Bar in Sittee River, Belize.  This one far from a print-out…it’s carved in stone.


Belize City has a few funky ones.

Like this sign…watch out for floods.  Comes on quick!


Or this crazy and intriguing tattoo shop on Slaughterhouse Road.

slaughterhouse-tattooAs you can imagine, with so much wildlife, animal crossings are quite popular across the country.

Jaguar Crossing near Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve.


Tapir crossing outside of Punta Gorda, South Belize.


Turtle Crossing just before you reach Placencia Village.


And chihuahua crossing in the Tres Cocos area of Ambergris Caye.


And one more…maybe my favorite.  Brit speak for “speed bump” = “sleeping policeman”.  In Cristo Rey, Cayo, Belize.


And moving to Placencia town…lots of cute signs.

The street signs in Belize’s Kriol rock.

Dog Teeth Road.


These great bar signs at Cozy Corner Hotel & Restaurant.


Sound advice right there on the main thoroughfare.


And the cutest water taxi name in the world.


An important message at Caribbean Beach Cabanas – coconuts hurt!


And now headed to the far south of the country – Punta Gorda.

Love the name and sign – The Lazy Fish Restaurant.


And then this surprise message on a wall in the midst of town.


AHHHH!  And I know I am missing something…but there you go.  And again!  Please send me your favorite signs in Belize!

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The cute, odd, fun, funny Signs of Belize.

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  1. Jack

    Just saw yesterday heading south “no trespassing Violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again!” On island hope to meet up heading north on bike today!

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