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A Gorgeous Day for Some Delicious Food: The New Farm House Deli & Belize Chocolate Company

After the passing of dark clouds and a few sprinkles in the morning,

October weather North Ambergris Caye Belize

yesterday turned into a gorgeous HOT October day.  I was headed south – Ian Anderson was making the announcement of a REAL DELI on the island.  The Farm House Deli at Mahogany Bay…projected to open in December of 2016.

Sky over Mahogany Bay Belize

We arrived about 10 minutes after the start time (in Belize time WAY EARLY) and Ian was making a champagne toast to a good sized crowd.

The whole bottom floor with be the Farm House Deli.

For those of you not familiar with Mahogany Bay Village, it is an ENORMOUS project about 2 miles south of town.   They are completing the 195 cottage style room hotel now and projected to open in the new year.  But it is not just a hotel…it is a village.  There will be homes, restaurants (a Japanese sushi chef has already signed on), a deli, shops, a aquaponic greenhouse, a salon, a diving shop, a gym, a rental place for golf carts and bikes, pools, a large beach on the leeward side of the island…

Huge project.  And you can see the posts I’ve written about it in the past below.

I did a bit of tasty before I walked around the development.


Delicious gouda.


A really tasty bagel with some smoked barracuda, cream cheese and capers.

Processed with Snapseed.

And then a look around – at the flyfishing shop and the furniture store.

Blue Bonefish and Road to Cayo.

Road to Cayo San Pedro Belize

We stopped into the coffee shop – Rum + Bean to see if there was any cake and air conditioner.

Processed with Snapseed.
Rum+Bean San Pedro Belize

And the outside sitting area for a cooler day.


The MASSIVE great house.

Processed with Snapseed.

And a look down the row of the hotel.


And along one of the canals.

Canal at Mahogany Bay San Pedro Belize

We passed the new dive shop as we went to find something sweet at one of my favorite places on the island – Belize Chocolate Shop.

Looking very cute for Halloween.  And offering classes.  (You NEED to try it out – super interesting and super delicious.)

And a delicious taste of the chocolate torte.  It’s really the perfect pre-lunch snack.

Processed with Snapseed.


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16 thoughts on “A Gorgeous Day for Some Delicious Food: The New Farm House Deli & Belize Chocolate Company

  1. SPmQQse

    but don’t forget….mahogany bay resort/village…. was built on 60+ acres of destroyed and dredged, pristine wetlands/mangroves …..a shameful project that the majority of the island residents, pre-destruction…. protested against.
    destruction of the environment…strictly for profit…….shameful

    1. sanpedroscoop

      I will agree that clearly that land under the pretense of affordable housing for San Pedranos was…low. I’m not sure these developers are the offenders though. I think the original team left “Sugar Caye” behind…

      1. SPmQQse

        i sure don’t recall anything, about any ”affordable housing” from the pre-construction, dredging times.
        nothing you mentioned..negates the fact that it’s 6+ acres ….destroyed.

        why anyone, who cares about the environment… .in any manner….would continue to promote that place….is beyond my understanding.

      2. just sayin!

        yes i heard the same thing Sugar Caye left behind a white elephant and monotony bay bought in and saw the potential, sure it could have been left undone. the real culprits are the people who sold off the property in the first place. really 60+ acres that’s a shame in the states they just mowed down 22 acres of mangroves in a state park!! for a privately owned rack and stack boathouse #500 plus boats when is this all going to end!!

        your still the bomb SP scoop!!

      1. SPmQQse

        obviously many other people don’t care about the destruction of the environment.
        anything built there.. after-the-fact… still doesn’t negate the despicable and environmentally disgusting project ….that it still , is..!!!
        [it is not the only mega-project, that the same developer has planned…on the large areages that he, unfortunately owns.]

  2. Woof4treats

    Agree. Once you destroy the mangroves there is no going back. This complex benefits the filthy rich and snobby complaining tourists. Expecting more than they will get from this Hilton property. Wait for the reviews to begin on Trip Advisor.

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