Saturday Happenings: From a Farmers’ Market to A Silent Party

The last week has been tumultuous to say the least.  How dare the Government of Belize sign off on a seismic oil exploration study without public consultation?  Even if ALL the multiple seismic studies predicting disasterous outcomes there are “anecdotal” as this OIL expert says in his interview with Channel 7 news, why explore if you don’t plan to drill?  It’s taking an unnecessary risk with our fragile reef system, the entire tourism industry and our livelihoods.

But I thought Sunday might be a good day to post about some lighter subjects – though I remain on the war path – here is what I did yesterday.  A sunny then cloudy then sunny and then cloudy October afternoon.


I stopped by the monthly Farmers’ Market at the Truck Stop and bought two boules (sunflower seed and cranberry/walnut) from Sue (she was amidst a frenzy for her bacon jam), some home-made dog biscuits from Heather of Caye to the Heart and some very VERY tasty muffins.


I also mentally signed on to attend tonight’s screening of Seismic Sea – that will be followed by a community discussion.


Off to town for a few stops…



…and…then it was time to get ready for a party.  Blue Water Grill is one of my favorite restaurants – and 5 years ago, they held a Ten Year Birthday party that was the party of the year.  It was also my first invitation as a blogger.

Also interesting to me is that is was the night of my 20th High School reunion in NJ.  Last night was my 25th!  But enough about me…

BWG went even bigger and better this time!



Customized sunglasses for all…


And then…after lots of delicious food and drink…headphones were handed out for the Silent Party.  (Apparently this has been a trend starting in 2005! But DEFINITELY a new one for Belize) Everyone was plugged into the DJ…and watching them dance to no sound (I tried the headphones but didn’t wear them) was good good times.

The place went wild.


Happy Happy 15th Blue Water Grill.  Not only is the food and atmosphere at the restaurant fantastic but the owners, Kelly and Mukul, give back to the community in SO many ways.

Please, if you are not, become a Facebook fan and find out how you can participate in their amazing month charitable fundraisers.

Feliz Quinceanero!

And a quick post party snack that was DELICIOUS.  Simple food made so so well at Briana’s Deli on Back Street.






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