Hot Gorgeous Weather Continues in Belize & A Few Events Around San Pedro

The first week of this month has been absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful.   A frequent visitor friend and diver asked me yesterday – “why don’t more people come down to Belize in October?  It’s spectacular!”

Here is the view while I snacking on a DELICIOUS Banh Mi from Two Tree Banh Mi on the beach just north of town.


Does it get any prettier?  The best part is…that this isn’t a resort…it’s the beach in front of the San Pedro High School.


And the view from the balcony above Fido’s Courtyard.  Perfect.

View from Fido's San Pedro Belize

The sea is flat and clear and the weather is HOT.  A great time to get in that flat clear water.

(Here’s my blog on why you should consider Belize in October.)

All that being said, things are relatively quiet on the island.  There are tourists…but not that many.  A few businesses are remodeling, new businesses are being built and our first wave of tourism will be Thanksgiving week…and then followed by Christmas.  Perhaps the biggest week of the year.

Here is a picture yesterday of the rebuilding of The Palapa Bar after Hurricane Earl.

There are some fun events going on this weekend…here’s what I’ve got.

It has long been rumored but the announcement will be officially made tomorrow with a champagne toast…the Farm House Deli – filled with Ian Anderson’s delicious meats, veggies, cheeses, pickles, pastries and breads – will be opening in San Pedro.

Here is when I visited in Belmopan and gorged myself on a Reuben and cheesecake.  NEVER has the bus ride home felt longer.

The location will be Mahogany Bay Village – and there will be a market and tastings as well.  11am to 2pm.


Monday is a holiday here in Belize – Pan-American Day.   Columbus Day in the United States (he wasn’t so kind to people in these parts) and Thanksgiving in Canada.

Here in San Pedro there is a huge magic show coming to town.  There is something about magicians that makes me physically tense and angry – but this should be a pretty great show sponsored by the Rotary Club of Ambergris Caye.


2pm Matinee (1.5 hours): Families + kids for $10 a person
7pm Show (2.5 hours): Adults, $50 & reserved tickets, $100

So there you go.  Happy Holiday weekend to many of you.  And in the South East US, PLEASE STAY SAFE.


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