The Release of Destination Belize Magazine On A Beautiful Day in October

Yesterday was a gorgeous one on Ambergris Caye – and…it also marked the release of the new Destination Belize magazine.  A magazine that was previously published by the Belize Tourism Board.  And you could generally find it on your side table when you got to your resort…

I’m not going to lie.  The previous editions were pretty…blah.

But this new one, revamped by McNab Publishing and the BTIA, is colorful and beautiful AND there is GOOD information and the pocket edition is super cute.

I am NOT just saying all this because I wrote a little bit for the publication.  WOOHOO!  My name in print!   As Donald Trump would say “big league”.


Destination Belize - Rebecca Coutant

First, let me show you a few shots of yesterday’s gorgeous weather on the Caye.

Going over the bridge – the sea and reef side.

View from the bridge Ambergris Caye, Belize

And the view towards the lagoon – someone seemed to be bailing out a sunk boat?

A pretty flower in front of the Roman Catholic Church.


Izzy’s Shake, Juice and Smoothie Joint on Middle Street.

And the road back north – this is about 6 miles north – paving ends at about Mile 3.

And then back to town around sunset…

The last minutes of sunset, lagoon side san pedro Belize

And now back to the publication and the app – Destination Belize App…which I am downloading right now.

Full sized with the reef…pocket size with the AAAHHHHHH-mazing ATM Cave.  HUGE BUCKET LIST TOUR.


A love picking up a packet at the air strip cargo terminal.

And perhaps my favorite part…the MUST DOs in each location.  Here is Ambergris Caye.

Let me hook you up with each one…so you too can get exploring.

Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley

Breakfast on the Beachfront


Rent A Golf Cart and Explore for the Day

San Pedro House of Culture

Marco Gonzalez Mayan Site

Belize Food Tours


Betting at the Chicken Drop

Go Parasailing


Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve

Lighthouse Reef Atoll:  The Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye National Monument (and Booby Sanctuary)

By boat and by air

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