The New SanCas Plaza in Downtown San Pedro – All Sorts of Businesses to Open Soon

I will be the first to admit.  When I saw the sign for new construction by the airstrip in San Pedro, I was…perplexed.  Office complex?  In the little fishing village of San Pedro?

But the secret is out.  Way out.  San Pedro is not a sleepy fishing village anymore.  It’s the main tourist hub of Belize with all sorts of businesses – from architects to chiropractors to accountants to social media influencers.

The idea of an office plaza took a while to steep in my mind.  And now that I see the almost finished product everything in the new SanCas Plaza makes a ton of sense in this very central location.

Ambergris Caye can not remain the place of my first visit over 10 years ago…sadly.  We are growing FAST…and welcoming more and more visitors and residents to the island all the time.

I stopped by late last week to speak with Gil Castillo, President of SanCas Realty and Christie’s Realty in Belize.  He gave me a tour of the new building and showed me the plans.

Located just across from the Tropic Air terminal, this property has been in the Santiago Castillo family for years.



There is a list of some of the new businesses that are either moving in or starting in SanCas Plaza.


Belize Fitness, Belize Caye Investments, Workspace Belize, Caye Coffee, a French bakery and Mahogany Bay as well as the namesake realty company.

Caye Coffee is possibly Belize’s best coffee – I am so glad that they are going to have a shop now.   Stop in for a cup of Front Street (the lightest brew), Middle Street or my favorite, the espresso ground Back Street in the a.m.


Just next to the front entrance door is Delices de France Bakery and Pastry.  They are setting up now…could a warm pan de chocolate be just around the corner?

On the second floor, the shared office space called Work Space Belize is just about ready to open.


YOU can rent a spot.  There is a real-deal conference room…

sancas-3…high speed internet, offices for full time rent, a receptionist, laser printer/scanner, bathrooms, kitchenette and PT space for rent.

Now that I live 7 miles north of town, I can TOTALLY see how a comfortable air conditioned space with everything you need would be PERFECT for a few hours (or more) a week.



I wonder if I can rebrand it Scoop Space Belize…

Next up is some leased office space – an area for Mahogany Bay Village and one for a bank.


And then upstairs there will be an enormous new NEW gym.  Lots of space, a food/smoothie area, locker rooms with showers and an outdoor area for boot camping, battle roping, wind sprinting.

It’s on the 3rd floor so you get a great view of town…and then outside watching the planes take off and land.


Super interesting ideas – especially the office space.  I imagine that it will fill up QUICKLY.  For information on the space or the office, please contact the SanCas group in their office on the first floor.

I will definitely be reporting back to you as businesses open.  Hopefully with Back Street Blend with cream and sugar and a chocolate eclair in my hand.


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