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The Palapa Bar Rises Quickly After Hurricane Earl and A Bit Of Lunch

Yesterday morning was a gorgeous day…then darkening clouds…


…not bad…

And then this morning?  Rain.  It’s November.


But yesterday, after Elsie’s first grooming ever (OF COURSE I AM GOING TO BLOG ABOUT THAT!)


we stopped by the “check on the boat”.  An activity that can seems to be something one with a boat must do daily.

That’s not it…but a red beauty sitting on the beach.   MAN!  What a pretty day.  And a nice northerly breeze blowing in some cool air.


Both the new dock for the Skydiving operation…


And Palapa Bar in full palapa mania.  So so pretty.

Take a look.


Sorry!  It was so cool that I just kept taking pictures…palapa-1


And then underneath the huge open space, a circular bar…awesome.


She’ll soon be back – better than ever.


For lots of pictures of the Palapa Bar pre-hurricane Earl – and immediately after the hurricane (even months later, it is still unbelievable), just click on the links.

On the way home, I FINALLY stopped at Aba Isieni – or One Love in Garifuna.


The owner is originally Honduran Garifuna but moved to Belize a long time ago.  Word on the street is that he makes great Jerk Chicken.


We ordered two HEFTY to-go plates…


And found a jerk chicken with a spicy (but not too spicy) sauce, veggies, LOADS of rice and beans and coleslaw.  Really really tasty…and TONS of chicken.  We got 4 pieces each.

Definitely the thumbs up.

So good I forgot to take a picture…

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3 thoughts on “The Palapa Bar Rises Quickly After Hurricane Earl and A Bit Of Lunch

  1. Billizer

    ABA ISIENI is one of my favorite restaurants in San Pedro. Really great food and a nice family run business. Looking forward to visiting in a couple of weeks.

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