A Walk on the Beach – Town to Palapa Bar – on ONE GORGEOUS DAY in San Pedro

Yesterday you could feel the beginning of winter in Belize.  Slightly lower humidity, a cool breeze from north, sun and lofty pinkish clouds – it was absolute perfection.  Before headed to what I will now call “The Camp” or Cayo Frances Farm & Fly for 2 nights, I took a walk along the beach in town.  A walk that I haven’t taken in a while.


Almost every dock is rebuilt since Hurricane Earl at the beginning of August.  And things were looking absolutely beautiful.

Take a look.  And bear with me – I went a bit nuts with the photos.

First things first.  I continue my bird watching on the way to town from North Ambergris Caye.  I’m stumped by this fluffy hawk…does anyone know what she is?


I started at the oldest and certainly one of the cutest hotels in San Pedro – the 50 year old Holiday Hotel.  She doesn’t look a day over 10.

Holiday Hotel San Pedro belize

I’m just going to inch northward…


And passing the Tacklebox (now called Island Tackle) – one of the oldest bars in San Pedro.  Anyone know what is considered the oldest?


This corner has SO many eateries.  Island Tackle and across the beach, Luna Loca.


Just north, a new one – Belizean Flava and the Latitudes Cafe…


And a step north Doc’s…formerly known as Lick’s.


I kept dawdling northward…

San Pedro’s favorite Mexican restaurant has a new sign wrapped around the deck.



Onto Estel’s Dine by the Sea.  The view.


And on to San Pedro’s Central Park.

The Christmas tree has been officially lit.




And to my left, the Mayan Princess practically glowing in the morning sun.  Good color.


Passing Nook Restaurant and Bartique…


And Lily’s – home to my favorite conch ceviche and fried fish – just celebrated her 10th anniversary.


I passed the Conch Shell Hotel – a really comfy spot for very reasonably priced rooms when you are staying in town.  And I love the pink.


Ecologic Divers is rebuilding!  Before…


And then Hurricane Earl took her down.  And Ecologic rises.


Next the gorgeous Phoenix Resort.


And the Blue Tang.


And just there – the rebuilt, renewed, MUCH BETTER SET-up of the world famous Palapa Bar.


A look back to the beach…


And then a quick look in…


It was time to load up the boat – Jeff and a guest were headed up the back side of the island to the camp.


I was driving back up, 7 miles north, for a pick up in the little skiff and a ride across the lagoon to the leeward side.  You need a boat that can go very shallow – in spots the bed rock is just about 1 foot below you – and you need to know your way.


I’d be lost in a second.  All mangroves look pretty much the same to me.

See what I mean?  Turn here.

Where is here?


And then sunset at the camp.  About 5 miles north of Secret Beach.  It’s like another world…


OH!  One more thing.  I may sound like a broken record but…i feel fine about that.

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