The Best Swimming Dock in Belize is ALMOST Back & Our December Heat Wave

It’s surprising how a shift of winds, a 10% rise in humidity and a slight rise in temperature can really crank up the heat around here.  Just a few weeks ago, we were all wearing sweatshirts at night (and being laughed at by visitors) as the temperature plummeted into the high 70s and the wind roared from the north.  Now the wind has a southerly flow and in the high 80s?  It’s HOT.  A change of clothes, carry a bandana HOT.

Today will be about 87 with a SE wind.

Good thing for us there is a polar vortex acomin’….

But all this hot weather gets one thinking about swimming…and, lucky for all of us, my favorite FAVORITE swimming dock and yoga platform on the island is being rebuilt as I type.

Ak’Bol Eco-Resort and Yoga Retreat.  I’ve written about it many times over the years and then Hurricane Earl took it.


Yesterday I stopped by to take a look at the construction.


The water at the end is crystal clear with a beautiful sandy bottom.


And a look back at the VERY CUTE bar and restaurant.  This is really a great spot to spend an afternoon.


Time to head south for an appointment.  With the humid weather comes some passing showers….

Oh wait.  First let me stop to admire the ring that I mentioned in my last blog post that I picked up at RubiMoon.  After 24 hours of thinking about it, it was my Christmas gift.

Ignore my gnarled fisherman’s hand.  It’s actually three rings.  And now I’m thinking about a necklace from the boutique.  Please stop in and buy everything there and stop me from this madness!


Pictures of the storm cloud that opened and then moved right along.



I didn’t realize that it was Robbie of Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop chatting on his phone.

He gave me a little pose.


I will try to make tomorrow’s post a bit less ME-ME-ME but sometimes that’s hard.  Happy Wednesday.

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