More Christmas in San Pedro? Ok! The Truck Stop & Belize Chocolate Company

“I don’t know HOW you do Christmas in Belize, I KNOW it wouldn’t feel like the holidays to me!”. It’s a statement that I hear from friends in the states.  My response?

I don’t need to be freezing cold to feel merry.  In fact, watching a boat parade in flip flops, eating lobster on Christmas eve and enjoying all the holiday lights without my car heater blasting feel pretty good to me.


Ambergris Caye does Christmas beautifully.  PLUS, I don’t have to do a last minute search for a parking space at that JAM PACKED mall because I accidentally bought nephew Stewie 4 gifts and nephew Louie only 2.

Warm weather + lots of non-stressful Christmas cheer = my perfect Christmas.

Here are two more spots in town making the holidays more beautiful.

Belize Chocolate Company…stop by in the air con and have a hot chocolate if you are DYING for that cold weather feel.



This GORGEOUS book by photographer Tony Rath AND the best chocolate in Belize?  It’s on my list.


And peppermint marshmallows and bark and bon bons OH MY.


The Truck Stop did an AMAZING job…and continues to do one…celebrating the holidays.

This week’s movies are Wednesday:  “Love Actually”  SIGH…and Friday:  “Elf”.  AND a Farmer’s Market this Saturday noon to 2pm!  Love it.

This past weekend, the hosted a craft fair and I took 3 pictures.  Lame but true.

  1.  The tree before lighting


2.  A sample of Slice of Haven – yummy pizza from their new turbo oven.


and 3.  SUPER CUTE SIGNS that were selling like hot cakes by Krista, owner of Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar


I bet if you ask her nicely she’ll work on one for you.

I just happened to be driving by at 6pm when I heard the countdown.  9…8…7

There were TONS of golf carts parked all the way down the road.



And again, for those who want to pretend it’s cold, the yule log.


Is there still a TV station that plays that all day on Christmas?  Love it.


The tree lit, everyone went to have icy cocktails and ice cream.  It is Christmas in Belize after all.


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