My Day on Ambergris Caye: Great Gifts, Clearing Weather and Wildflowers

For the few who clicked on this posts this morning.  I salute you.  The title is certainly no attention grabber, no MUST CLICK.  Perhaps if I made it a LIST – 8 Wildflowers in Belize That if Left Unseen Will Make Your Life WORTHLESS – or 7 Wildflowers of Belize That Could Be Nature’s Next Miracle Cure.

I’ll work on that for next time.  Until then?

Here’s what I saw yesterday and a few SUPER COOL GIFTS that some readers brought for me.

Tuesday was one of those few days we have each fall when it just RAINS.  All day grey to black, POURING rain.  Yesterday we started at grey.  But by about noon, it was gorgeous.

Sandy Toes Beach Bar has the cutest chairs along the beach.


Palapa Bar had a nice crowd.

And then, as I was driving home at noon (you can tell the time by all the bicycling construction workers headed to town for food)…


…the sun was hot and bright.

Riding with these guys is on my bucket list.

A quick picture in town of Ricky – he’s quite famous – not for being blind but for having an AMAZING way of moving around town as if he isn’t.  He knows SO many people by the sound of their voices or even their cars on approach.  He is delivering corn tortillas.  Here’s an older article from the San Pedro Sun that tells some of his story.


No natural segue so onto my gifts.  One incredibly cool manatea that made her way down from Texas – thanks Patty.  Perfect for trying my new loose teas from Belize Chocolate Company


And then these CRAZY AWESOME DOGGLES from Kathleen.  Else is SO ready for her next golf cart ride.


Or a nap.


And my last topic:  wildflowers.  It took moving up north to find out that we have them here.  Tons of them…and this seems to be the season.

My friend Ken has the book – a labor of love for the authors i am sure – The Plants of Caye Caulker.  I bet he can identify most if not all of these.  But the book is with Ken in Connecticut so here are only photos.  If you know any, please let me know.

This is the flowering bush that produces cocoplum fruit.  It’s actually on the cover of the book about Caye Caulker.


I know this one!  Wild lemon verbena.  The leaves smell heavenly.


All along the road – super pretty but not big and showy.  You definitely need to have both eyes open.

The lagoon by Mata Chica Resort.


And this beautiful flowering grass that grows behind Costa Blu Resort.  I always hate to see it cut.

I was given many strange/inquiring looks as I squat at the side of the road taking pictures of weeds.

I have a surprisingly full couple of days – today lunch at the new restaurant at Banyan Bay, a real estate tour, the zoo…THE ZOO!, judging at the lighted boat parade, the farmers’ market at the Truck Stop and tasting the new pizza joint in town “Slice of Haven” at the Truck Stop.

Also planning for my trip to Guatemala for the first two weeks in January.

Wish me luck!

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