New Haven-Style Pizza Right Here in Belize?

If you have been reading my blog even sporadically, you know that I love San Pedro’s hot spot and only food park, The Truck Stop.


Not only do they have delicious food and ICE CREAM but a happening bar and lots and lots of fun events from the monthly Farmers’ Market to Wednesday movies under the stars.


NOW, by popular demand, they have opened a fourth food truck – a cargo container fully kitted out with all the fixings AND a serious gas fired pizza oven – called A Slice of Haven.


Last night I went for my first taste of Haven and the place was filling up.  Not in a crowded, annoying way…just lots of people eating and drinking, enjoying the sunset, spotting tarpon & bonefish and just having a great time.


I have driven through and traveled through the North-east United States many many times.  I grew up in New Jersey just north of New York City and attended Smith College in western Massachusetts.  Northampton to be exact.

So, based on my path (in yellow), you assume that I have tasted what has been called by almost every expert “the best pizza in the world”…Pepe’s of New Haven, Connecticut.  Anyone would think that.


BUT YOU’D BE WRONG.  I’ve never tasted the best pizza in the world because, being a New Jerseyite-New Yorker, I was always of the mind that New York pizza is the best.  Why stop along the highway for Connecticut pizza.  Pffft.

So…when The Truck Stop crew announced A Slice of Haven, I had to look up what New Haven-Style pizza actually means.  I know Chicago style is too thick with a crunchy bottom.  I know California style has goat cheese and heirloom vegetables.  New York (THE BEST and the first in the USA) has delicious chewy crust, just the right amount of cheese and you fold it to eat it.  See?


So what makes New Haven pizza special?  According to Wikipedia, a thinner dryer crust from a coal fired oven and limited use of melting cheese.  You need to order CHEESE extra.

I was not sold.  Not at all.  So I thought I would try New Haven-style pizza in Belize – prepared by people that are from Connecticut.

A Slice of Haven.


Pepe’s of New Haven invented the Clam & Garlic white pizza…

Pepe's Clam Pizza pic from Wikipedia: By Krista - frank pepe clam pie, CC BY 2.0,

Pepe’s Clam Pizza pic from Wikipedia

…and I was told Mashed Potato and Bacon is a New Haven thing as well.

We order buffalo wings which were delicious.  And then the margherita pizza and the conch & garlic pie.


Super fun list of holiday drinks at your table.  Sorry…I got mine dirty.


There is no need to worry about lines – you get a little beeper to alert you.  The pizza appears QUICKLY.  This beautiful oven heats to over 600 degrees and the pizza is ready in a few minutes.


The margherita.


And the GORGEOUS conch & garlic.  I’ll be ordering this one often.  My favorite for sure!  And almost an exact replica of the clam pizza pic above.


The crust is delicious, the conch tender and the garlic, PLENTIFUL.  Really really yummy.

We polished everything off and headed to the ice cream truck while our friends played a little corn hole.


Can I tell you if it is a slice of New Haven Connecticut?  No I can not.  But I can tell you that I will be eating Slice of Haven pizza often.  And trying all of the other flavors.

I couldn’t be happier that The Truck Stop and her new addition are on our drive home.

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