San Pedro’s Holiday Boat Parade Lights up the 2016 Christmas Season

I love a parade.  I love a boat parade.  And I particularly love a twinkly lighted boat parade on a warm Caribbean night when everyone is in a festive holiday spirit.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Yesterday was the San Pedro Lighted Boat parade – 9 boats in total…people in costumes and Santa suits…candy and music…and swirling dancing boats parading along the shoreline.

PLUS, I was asked, for the very first time, to be a judge.  WOOHOOOO!  I love when my discerning taste is recognized.


I arrived early (as usual) and am glad I did.  From the bridge on my way into town, I saw a kite boarder.  There were some special additions this year…and I loved them.

Kite boarding Santa

And when I got closer…


…it was SANTA!


Also known as Mitch from Passion Kite.  Awesome.

I walked out to the Palapa Bar to find the official seating.  They were PACKED!


But we were set to judge on the next dock…where the boat YOLO was loading up with festive passengers.  The official boat of the parade.


I received my clip board AND a candy cane from YOLO Santa.


As the sun fully set, YOLO went to take her spot in the parade…the boats were lining up in order.



She looked gorgeous.  And the dark clouds moved past quickly and the stars were out by the starting time.

Here we go.

First a surprise.  2 Flyboarders all lit up with what looking like phantom jet skies behind them.  One guy and one girl.  The woman is Kristen Smoyer…the world champion flyboarder!  Crazy.


And the boats.

#1 Blue Attitude.  Sponsored by Ecologic Divers – the Red Cross boat.


My favorite part?  On the way back they came to our dock to bribe us with cookies and brownies.  AND they were all dressed like nurses.

#2.  Sponsored by the Phoenix Resort.  Boat by Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop.


They ended up coming in 2nd place.

#3.  Premier Divers.  The new boutique diving shop.  They went all solar with their lights.


#4.  Sponsored by Island Divers for the San Pedro AIDs Commission


#5.  Sponsored by 12 Belize.

A small technical difficulty, the generator wouldn’t go on 🙁  I did like that they were loud and proud with their number.


#6.  I didn’t get a clear picture – sorry Projects Abroad.

#7. Belize Diving Adventures.


Super cute.  Love the mermaid’s hair blowing in the breeze.

And last, but not least, the WINNER!  #9.  Marlin Christmas by Dooley Bear.


Not technically last because YOLO the official spectator boat was behind her.


I love it.  And I love even more when they returned…the order not as organized…more of a mash up of boats.


Pretty, right?

We marched off the dock to eat LOADs of pizzas (you MUST try the blue cheese, apple and bacon), fries, buffalo chips bites and more at Sand Bar.

Some of my co-judges…as well as one of the organizers and super stars of San Pedro, Britney.


What a super fun night.  Congratulations to the ORGANIZERS!  You guys do SUCH a great job.  Spectacular.  The entire town was out and LOVED IT!



Did it creep up on you as quickly as it did me?

Oh!  And to remember to come next year?  Maybe stick a PIN in it.

If you are thinking about Christmas in the tropics, check out our annual Lighted Boat parade in San Pedro, Belize.  Holidays + flip flops = good times



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