Seas D Day, Seaduced By Belize’s Newest Addition Or My Love Affair with the Leeward Side of Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is a 26 mile long island running northish to southish with the reef on one side and on the other?  A sprinkling of smaller cayes and then the mainland.

Moon Guides always have my favorite maps

Moon Guides always have my favorite maps

For my first few years on the big caye, I never gave the back side any thought.  All the homes, businesses, the town, the reef, the docks, the power, the water – everything was on the reef side.

But then I took a boat ride back there.  And found “Secret Beach”.  And then a boyfriend who owned property way up on Cayo Frances – property which is now a gorgeous secluded flyfishing camp.

Here are some photos I’ve taken of the leeward side over the past few years.

Enjoying “the sandbar” – one of many on the south sides of the cayes.


Out at MJ’s floating kite boarding business.


A trip to Blackadore Caye.


I hope you are picking up what I am laying down – it is INCREDIBLY beautiful back there.  And until now you had a just few options to experience it.  You could drive to Secret Beach – and join the crowd at the bars and restaurant there (you can check it out in this post), you could go out with a flyfishing guide or you could charter a boat to the areas above.

But now there is a new tour boat called “Sea’s D Day” – an island spin on Roman poet Horace’s Carpe Diem – that is taking regular trips up the west side.  And doing it with all the bells and whistles and comforts you can imagine on a pleasure boat.  And some that surprised me.


And for all you grammaraticians – I am still pondering Sea’s D Day.  Since obviously this is slang and “Seas” is quite awkward…then does it matter?  Is the possessive correct?  I’ll need your help on this.

Either way, I think they make some of the cutest t-shirts on the island.  I did ask.  They are for sale at the office.


To the boat!  Yesterday was a WINDY day making diving tough on the reef side.  The water is almost always much calmer on the leeward side.


It leaves from the lagoon side of town – just off the Back Street on Seaduced’s dock.


It is fully kitted out.  Paddle boards, kayaks, tubes, fishing poles…


There is an upstairs and an AIR CONDITIONED down stairs with a front deck.

A kitchen that is GORGEOUS for a home much less a boat!


A fryer, an oven, lounge areas…


…and just general cuteness everywhere.  Set up a futon?  And I’d move in…in a second.


Mermaids’ and sailors’ rooms.sead-1


A look out the window.


The upstairs has tables and comfy chairs…and loungers are coming…


We passed the super exclusive Cayo Espanto.  I tried to spot celebrities (or people who can pay $2395US minimum a night for a villas) but even with binoculars, I couldn’t make anyone out.


We had a appetizer of fresh lobster corn fritters with cilantro sauce.  On a boat!  DELICIOUS.


And then we arrived at the sand bar – it’s great wading/swimming for kids or adults.  At high tide, the water is perhaps 6 inches deep and low tide, the bar sticks out of the sea.  You might have to shoo away a pelican.


I got into my tube and kicked my way over.

Amber took an alternate route.


Some kayaked or paddle boarded around the tiny caye.

Some just lounged about.




Lunch was served.  Grilled chicken from the BBQ and all the makings of delicious tacos or burritos.  Warm corn or flour tortillas.  Rice, black beans and lots of delicious sauces and condiments.  I LOVED the picked onions.  The whole meal was so good.


Rum punch or mojitos…lime or pineapple tea for those not drinking.  Beer and sodas always available.


And just when I was ALMOST full from my meal.  Fresh baked brownies…HOT FROM THE ONBOARD OVEN.


And gingerbread and chocolate chips cookies.  WARM.  Sea’s D Day you have Sea’s Mi Heart.

Let’s be perfectly honest, I don’t care how you spell it.


As I drifted to sleep (JUST A BRIEF POST-BAKED GOODS NAP!) I got to thinking.  How fun would this be for a dinner cruise?  For a wine and cheese tasting?  For a fancy girls day out – perhaps with pedicures?  For a wedding on the sand bar or on the boat at sunset?  For any party?

Answer:  Pretty freakin’ great.

I returned happy, sleepy, very well fed and by my own fault, a bit sunburnt.  An excellent trip.  And way more than I imagined.

If you’ve been out with Seaduced by Belize before – you know it’s a family run operation with great staff.

If you haven’t, this could be a GREAT inaugural trip.

And if you are an obsessive vacation planner like I am, stick a PIN in it.

The leeward side of Ambergris Caye is absolutely gorgeous.  Now there is a boat that can take you there...

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