A Drive in the Country to Chat & Chill, North Ambergris Caye

2016 was a big change for me.  I dropped my title of “townie” or resident of the south-side and moved north.  WAY north.  7 miles to be exact.


If you are like I was less than one year ago, that would mean nothing.  Here are my estimations of where the mile markers are.

North Ambergris Caye

Mile 3:  Belizean Shores Resort (end of paved road), Mile 4:  Turn to Secret Beach, Mile 5:  Rojo/Mata Chica, Mile 6:  Canary Cove, Mile 7:  Xtan Ha Resort, Mile 8:  La Beliza Resort (old Blue Reef), Mile 11:  El Secreto, Mile 14:  Tranquility Bay

So…we drove north.  The hard packed road from Miles 3 to 7 has been getting worse with rain, wear and tear and the HEAVY truck traffic but once you pass Mile 7, the resorts and the traffic thin out.  And the road becomes smoother and you are surrounded, mostly, with nature.  It’s really quite beautiful.

Yup…that’s corn.



We were following the signs that we have been seeing for weeks for a spot called Chat & Chill.

We made it.  After Sapphire Beach but before El Norte Bar.


We arrived at about 12:30 and were the only ones there.  MAN this place is so pretty and well groomed.  Have you ever seen such carefully manicured plants?


And the colors and the beach…it’s really stunning.



The restaurant and bar.


We sat down to order some lunch.  Crazy great service, really really good nachos and burritos (only $5bzd each) and it came FAST.  All surprising for this spot that is well off the beaten path and only open on weekends.


AND…I haven’t had these soft peppermints in ages.  I LOVE THESE THINGS.


They came with our check.  Chat & Chill is set on a huge property.  With this beautiful large house to the north of the bar.


I believe part of the home is a rental – and part of residence.  There is a very cute casita to the north again.


And then a small casa out on the dock.  This is the most intriguing off all the structures.  1st.  It’s so so pretty.


And, I believe, at some point, it will be available as a rustic rental.  How cool!

Especially with this fish light.  The website has some pretty cool photos.


Except for the cook and the chef, we didn’t see another soul.  Wait…actually that is not true.  A couple came in for coffee…and there was none.

We headed back home.  And passed an interesting entrance in the dense mangroves that we didn’t see before.  A ramshackle/charming pathway…

In August, you couldn’t PAY me to try to walk this.  Mosquitos would probably carry you away.  But this was December and there were only a few bugs.



It led to a cleared lot…but we turned around.  You never know where there might be a dog who isn’t quite in the holiday mood.


We headed back.  Imagine the EFFORT to clear a lot in the midst of this.

jan1-4And that’s all for now.  It’s time to GET MOVING!

I leave tomorrow for my trip to Guatemala.  Solo I am flying to Flores and the HUGE Mayan city of Tikal and then a LONG bus ride from Tikal to the colonial city of Antigua.  At about 4500 feet above sea level, it promised to be in the high 40s at night.

This is the only part that makes me nervous about this trip.  To me, 40 degrees F feels something like 0.

And then after enough time in Antigua, I am off to circle the volcanic Lake Atitlan…

No real schedule or deadlines…

I can’t wait.  Happy 2017 Everyone!  May it be your best year yet.

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