Tiger Shark Scoop: George Williams – Player Profile of San Pedro’s National Elite Basketball Team

It’s TIGER SHARK season!  And I couldn’t be more excited.  Belize’s National Elite Basketball League is back in action.  And, for those who haven’t attended a game, these match-ups are AMAZINGLY FUN – even for those who don’t know that much about the sport.  Fast and furious, super physical and emotional, there’s music, a concession stand, refs (with sometimes questionable calls) and really talented Belizean players.


Plus one.  Each team is allowed one “import player”, a basketballer from abroad who joins the team for the season.

Our import is the first in my series of Meet The Players – George Williams.

Here’s the Scoop on George Williams

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Age 26 from Houston, Texas, 6’5″

Position:  Point Guard

Single:  Yes

Nickname?  No.  (I’m sure that will be remedied on the Tiger Sharks)

College:  Senior Year at Wayland Baptist (here are his stats)

Did you play anywhere else after college?  Canada.  Lebanon and Egypt.

How’d you find your way to Belize?  His agent stayed at CocoBeach Resort a few years ago and met Rico – of Tuff E Nuff Tours and coach of the Tiger Sharks.  That was the original connection.  George returned to help out the Tiger Sharks in the COCABA – or Central American games in El Salvador.

Anything different about playing here?  Compared to the US, the game is more physical.  But he’s used to that from playing in Egypt and Lebanon.

How’s your Kriol coming along?  Understanding about half of it…and his teammates talk faster and faster as the games get more heated.  He mostly watches facial expressions at that point. 🙂

What do you like about Belize:  The food, the beach and everyone is so friendly.

Anything you miss about the States?  The food here is awesome but he misses some food at home – like Chipotle.

What’s your favorite NBA team?  The Houston Rockets.  Favorite player:  Lebron James

Hobbies;  Drawing, George has a clothing line called TastebudzClothing.  (How cool is that?  A Renaissance man!)

What do you plan to do while in Belize other than basketball?  Snorkeling.  Yes.  Diving.  Yes.  And cave tubing sounds awesome.

Team Khloe or Team Lamar?  George is on Team Tristan.  Tristan Thompson, for those who don’t follow the Kardashians, is Khloe’s new boyfriend.  He’s also a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron’s teammate.  (Fair enough.)

Favorite TV show?  Friends.  (How cute is that?)


gw (1)-01

YES!  2017 so far there have been two games:  Two weeks ago, the Tiger Sharks beat our rivals, the Cayo Ballaz, 83 to 55.

Our Sharks took the championship in 2014 and 2015, Cayo was #1 last year.  Now it’s time to get our trophy back.

Last week, we beat the Orange Walk Running Rebels 77-62

FIRST HOME GAME takes place at San Pedro High School and you must MUST mark this on your calendars. 9pm.  I can not say enough about how fun this is…go to one game, I promise sports lover or not, you will be hooked.

2-0.  A great start for an undefeated season.

One more thing, Tiger Sharks have the best song ever.  GO TIGA SHAAKS!

Stay tuned for my next player profile.  And let me know if you have any questions for me to ask.

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