New Years Day in San Pedro: A Crowded Beach, A Party at Estel’s and a Flotilla of BucketLusters

Yesterday was a gorgeous way to start 2017.   1.  We are in sunny San Pedro.  2.  The beach was busy with kids, families and visitors swimming and just relaxing and 3.  My favorite breakfast spot, Estel’s by the Sea was celebrating her 25th birthday.


And…for a little added interest – a flotilla of catamarans had just arrived after an all night New Years party at the Lazy Lizard on Caye Caulker.  A group of about 150 people from all over the world – I will call them the Bucket Lusters.  You can find out more about them online.  But not quite enough…it leaves you wanting WAY more information.


Estel’s was working EXTRA hard…not exactly taking time to rest on their laurels for the 25th anniversary.  They had been open until 3am on New Years Eve and then opened an hour later for breakfast.  The crew had been working since then.

They had a modified menu – but all my favorites were there.  And the BBQ sold out QUICKLY.  We went for our faves – the Mayan Eggs with fry jacks and the bacon cheese burger.  Go halfsies on each…heaven.



Fun new sign at Caliente’s next door.
new-years-day-2017-5This lovely man pulled up just in front of us to clean his catch.


A stark contrast to what we saw when we walked down to see the beautiful boats with flags all flapping in the wind.  More catamarans were filling in.


It wasn’t just women in very tiny bathing suits.




I’m still not able to tell you EXACTLY what this group is about…but my estimation?  Butts, liquor, good times and electronic music.

I say what the heck.  Follow your passions kids.

Here are some photos of the trip thus far that I located on Instagram.

From @captain.kkirk a super cool catamaran circle with swimming in between.


And the sail into San Pedro.kirk-bucketlusters-2

Off Caye Caulker – Instagram account @vanessanicole02


Here from @elise2589


They are headed off to Bannister Caye next.  Watch out Bannisterians.

Happy Happy New Year all!  I am headed to Guatemala this afternoon – and kicking it all off with a flight from San Pedro to Flores.  My easiest leg of the trip.  I’ll be reporting back.

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