SanPedroScoop’s First Giveaway – Now It’s YOUR Turn to Sky Dive San Pedro

Ok…I could practically burst with excitement on this post.  IT’S MY VERY FIRST SCOOP GIVEAWAY.  And let me give you a hint.

You see this…but you are 12,000 feet up…

Win a chance to Skydive over GORGEOUS Ambergris Caye, Belize.  Raffle ends Feb 2017.

and then…then…

skyDive WOW


Yes!  I know you all have heard about it or passed their GORGEOUS dock just outside Sandbar Restaurant, Bar, Hostel and beautiful swimming platform


…or seen the parachutes above Ambergris Caye.  SkyDive San Pedro.  One of the most exciting businesses to come to the island in a while.  And here is YOUR chance to do your very first tandem jump…from 12,000 feet over San Pedro.  The views!  The rush!

THIS could be you.  (You are the one in front 🙂 )

skydive 2

Before I lay down the rules, let me tell you about SkyDiveSanPedro and their team.  I stopped in for a visit…

Reasons this Business is Totally Cool:  What they Do

Crazy awesome adventure.  But let me get a BIT more specific.


For over 20 years the team at Mile-Hi Skydiving in Colorado has delivered the best and safest skydiving experience to local enthusiasts and first-time thrill seekers. Starting in December, the Mile-Hi team has brought their passion and expertise to skydiving operations in the paradise destination of San Pedro, Belize! We are currently flying a Cessna 206 and we have a King Air on standby.

Take a look at the website, the pricing is CRAZY reasonable.  You can jump OUT of a plane for less than many Belize tours.


Flyboarding is an up and coming water sport that uses Jet ski throttle to propel water through a hose to the board that the student is attached to. As the student relaxes and learns their balance on the board, they will be horizontally lifted out of the water. From there, the instructor can coach them on doing different maneuvers, such as, turns and spins. It is a good option for people who want to try different activities in the water while staying in San Pedro.


Our instructors are certified through Zapata Racing. Our equipment is the latest technology for teaching first-time flyboarders. We use BbTALKIN communication while out on the water so the student can get direct feedback in the water and in the air.

Lessons are $135 USD per person for a half hour. Or $250 USD for two people, half an hour each! This time is total time IN THE WATER and does NOT include the brief training and safety talked about on the dock

More Reasons this Business is Totally Cool:  Who They Are

Stop by the dock and chat with the team, they are all super cool and will walk you through the whole experience…that is, if you are on the fence.

When I jump out of a plane, I like a serious team.  And SkyDiveSanPedro certainly has them.

Rocky Rivero, Chief Pilot and Master Parachute Rigger:  Rocky started jumping in 2002 and has logged over 1000 jumps.  (That’s over 70 jumps a year!)  The craziest place he’s even jumped is Hawaii…and Ambergris Caye.  His favorite things about Belize?  THE FOOD and that it’s such a great place for your first skydive.

Rocky Rivero Profile

Max Lesziak, Tandem Skydive Instructor:  Max’s first dive was 2012 and he’s jumped 1800 times!  The craziest spot…Dubai.  How’s Belize so far, Max?  “Stunning views, delicious food and the friendly people…so it’s alright. :)”

Apparently it can be done in short shorts!

Apparently it can be done in short shorts!

Rich Servantes,  The official title would be Deceleration Technician/ Impact Prevention Specialist, but I also make and manufacture fun. AKA a Tandem Instructor:  Rich…and this seems crazy…first jumped in 2008 and has done 7400.  Apparently he likes it.  His hobbies are flips and tricks.

Rich Sirvato Profile

Jessica Fry, Parachute Rigger and Packer and Flyboard Instructor:  The coolest spot she’s ever jumped is Dubai though, she says, it’s hard to beat San Pedro.  Her hobbies traveling, hiking, painting, hangin’ with my homies “what, what!”, watching movies, rock climbing, scuba diving and eating.

Sounds like San Pedro IS the place for her.

Abby Nawrocki, Flyboard Instructor and Parachute Rigger:  Abby has yet to dive in Belize and she’s super excited to do a tandem jump.  Her hobbies are rock climbing, snowboarding and hiking.  Sounds like she would LOVE the 2-3 day trek up Belize’s highest mountain – Victoria Peak.

Jessica and Abby

Abby and Jessica On the San Pedro Sky Dive dock

Christina Manzi, Parachute Rigger, Packer and Flyboard Instructor:  Here craziest skydive is over our reef – “it’s the chance of a lifetime”.

Christina Manzi Profile

Landing:   The landing area is about 1.5 miles north on the west side of the island.  We have about 2 acres of land free from power lines or anything else that presents unnecessary risks.  After the customer lands, they take a boat ride back to the office.

Enter the raffle – there will be ONE RANDOMLY CHOSEN WINNER!  You may enter one time per day with your login information – and each other way (Facebook, Instagram, blog Comment – ONE TIME ONLY)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are the rules and restrictions, some of them imposed by me, and the more legit ones by SkyDiveSanPedro:

You may enter once a day by logging in (with Facebook or email information).  You may enter one time only with the other options – Facebook, Instagram and comments.

Winner must be at least 18 years old, a full time resident of Ambergris Caye from at least Febuary to April of 2017, must be flexible on availability for jump and sign a waiver of liability to skydive. You must be under 250 pounds and you can not SCUBA dive 24 hours before the jump.

You must be a part-time or full time resident of Ambergris Caye to participate – meaning that you must be flexible with your time/day of jump.  We will work with you – but you need some flexibility.  This is NOT transferable.  You enter your name.  You jump.  This must be your first time skydiving.  You may be photographed and/or video-taped for posterity – you must be ok with that.

You must be ready to reach speeds of up to 120mph.

Raffle ends on February 6, 2017 at NOON (Belize Time).

Winner will be chosen randomly from all entries received.

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