A Beautiful Day in San Pedro: Park Kiosks, Turkey Dinner Lunch and…I Shiver Just to Type this…Sargasso

It has been a windy, gorgeous week on Ambergris Caye.  With no rain at all, the roads have dried out nicely and after a cart ride, you generally return home with a good coating of dust.  Spring in San Pedro.

Yesterday I left home with a long list of errands and my camera.  Here are some things that I saw…

I drove past the football field at the back side of town.  The area is usually called “The Old Football field” or “Saca Chispas” and just a few years ago, it had a huge overhaul.  The upgrade was meant to turn the lagoon side of town into a bustling, well used hub – a proper sports facility, the station for all of the water taxis and a sunset promenade.  I’m not sure any of those came to fruition.

The original plan (and you can read more about the project in my 2014 post)

Untitled design (6)

A few days ago, a handful of pastel colored kiosks were delivered.  And yesterday I chatted with some of the guys that were helping set them up along the north-west wall (the arrow above) of the football field.

town town1

Apparently, some of the craft vendors will be moving in soon.

They do look super cute.  Let’s hope this works.

I headed just a few minutes away – to the north of town to the Boca Del Rio area – along the beach.  I can walk along this stretch ever single day and take pictures like a first timer in Belize.

The most beautiful views I know but an area that is not at all a “tourist strip”.  Along with small hotels, there are fishermen, boat repair docks, quite a few homes and our town’s high school.

I just love that the public high school occupies one of the best beaches in town.  Here are some pictures.


And while I was going to just pretend…gloss over it…I will just come out with it.  Over the past few days, SARGASSO has been arriving on our beaches.


This is a normal, cyclical occurrence throughout the Caribbean.  But sargasso strikes fear in the hearts of many.  Over my past 10 years here, it can come and go.  A few times a year…for a few days…or bunches for a few weeks but 2015 was a HORRIBLE spring for the stuff.  We had, what seemed, a relentless wave of sargasso arriving and piling up on the beaches.

Right now, it is just starting to come in…and the beach cleaners are on top of it.   Not a problem yet.  But you’ll see it in my pictures.

Totally fine in some areas.


And piling up in others.


On my way back north I stopped at one of my favorite spots for a late afternoon snack.  Annie’s Pastries.

Located on the main road just north of town, Annie’s is the only bakery I know that opens at 3pm.


I think that has a great deal to do with some of Annie’s most faithful and numerous customers – the high school kids across the street.

Wouldn’t your high school life had been better if the bell rang and you came across the street for a hot johnny cake, coconut tart or a stuffed jalapeno?


I also LOVE the new tip pig.  Does he look familiar?


Never feed him after midnight and DON’T GET HIM WET!


We left with a bag of johnny cakes (the freeze GREAT and are 2 for $1bzd) and a big slice of “Better than Sex Cake”.   A piece of heaven on a plate.

ONE MORE THING BEFORE YOU GO!  Valentine’s Day Turkey Dinner Lunch.  For $15bzd, Annie’s is doing a lunch plate for the holiday.  Order ahead.  Pick it up at noon.  And for the ridiculously low price of $15bzd…


Here is a look at my Annie’s TDL from Thanksgiving.  Just the right amount of deliciousness.

best 15


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