Beautiful Photos by San Pedro Native Marlena Gomez And My Love, Instagram

I absolutely adore Instagram.  For me, it’s social media at its best.  Photos.  Words and hashtags optional.  Much of the time, words really only mess things up.

Follow along with the travels of a magazine editor, or the strange and fascinating life of a Hollywood starlet or your friend’s kids and meals…

It also makes it easy for me to see what is going on in Belize.  Pictures of yesterday’s Carnival…there.  Folks swimming, diving and snorkeling up and down the Belize coast.  Saw them.  I know that the Belize Tourism Board is sponsoring visits from two Brazilian bloggers – the ones currently here at just leaving San Pedro.

BlogWeLove at Victoria House

And Chaa Creek’s insane new villas!  TAKE A LOOK AT THESE ACCOMMODATIONS!

It very much feeds my inner busy-body.

I try to follow everyone who is taking photos of Belize on a regular basis.  And I have some favorites.  One is Marlena Gomez – born and raised in San Pedro (SPHS Class of 2000).  Somehow…in her spare time – photography is now a hobby – she captures each and every beautiful sunset, full moon and special event here in San Pedro.

That ain’t easy – this girl is good.

So…I asked her to tell me what camera she uses.   AND I asked her if she would send me her top ten favorite photos.  Hard to do, for sure but here is what she sent me.

To follow her on Instagram and for those who wonder – her camera is a Canon EOS 60D.



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