Why You Should Visit Belize in February: Events & Activities Galore

It’s hard to pick the busiest month in Belize…and while Christmas week may be the busiest week of the year, February may be the busiest in terms of a month of solid events and visitors.   The weather is absolute perfect.

Today is sunny and in the mid to high 70s.   Just gorgeous…

February Weather in Belize

There are festivals and concerts and events all over Belize.  Here is a list to get you started for February 2017.

Estel’s 6th Annual Rib Cook-Off, Saturday, February 3rd

Each year, grillers from Belize and abroad gather at Estel’s to prepare the best ribs.  For a crowd.

kevin at the bbq

It’s not as easy as one would think.  Smoke, sweet vs. savory, tender…too tender…salt, spicy…there are lots of factors and many of them are personal choices.   The entrants serve the ribs (differentiated by only colored tooth picks) to the judges and the crowd.  And winners are chosen.

Even if you miss this fun, music filled, fund raising event, make sure to swing by Estel’s on weekends.  Proprietor Charles has the BBQs fired up and his ribs are pretty much as good as they get.


THE SUPERBOWL, Feb 4th, Show:  Lady Gaga

I don’t give a rat’s ass about football BUT I do love a good get together and I really love Lady Gaga so this should be so bad!  The game and the commercials will be playing EVERYWHERE but here are some spots that are having some great parties:

Palapa Bar:  Live music, 5 huge screens, good times.

palapa bar superbowl

Sandbar:  Raise money for the animals of San Pedro while enjoying the Super Bowl at a fun bar that makes KILLER sandwiches, great pizzas and wings…all the fixin’s you need for the game. PLUS, watch the puppy bowl at 2pm.  More details

The Truck Stop:  Music, food, ice cream and a 15 foot screen.   For all of the details…

SKYDIVE SAN PEDRO (Contest ends February 6th)

Just about 2 months ago, a new business came to the island.  SKY DIVING!

Go big or go home, right?

skyDive WOW

Can you think of a better way to see the island?  OR something crazier to brag about when you get home?

Annoying friend:  How was Belize? Must be nice…  You:  The diving was awesome.  Annoying friend:  Meh…everyone dives in Belize.  You:  Nah dude.  I’m talking about SKY DIVING.


this could be you

YOU CAN WIN A FREE TRIP TO TANDEM JUMP OVER AMBERGRIS CAYE with SkyDiveSanPedro.  Check out my post to enter – you have 3 days left – and it’s super easy.

KELLY MCGUIRE CONCERTS, First two weeks of Feb – Each year Texas singer/songwriter celebrates his birthday in Belize…a country he loves and has written many song about…

king of island

His performances are scheduled for two weeks.  Here is a list of the ones I know about…keep your eyes on Facebook for additional dates.

kelly mcguire

I just posted about him yesterday, how he broke the law in Belize 😮 and a bit of his schedule.  Take a look.

Placencia Sidewalk Arts  Festival, Saturday February 11th and 12th

da breeze

Super fun event with lots of beautiful art of all kinds from all over the country.  I attended in 2014 and have been dying to go back.


Jewelry, art, soaps, glass works, entertainment…and colorful Placencia.  A great weekend.


Stay tuned to the event’s Facebook page for more details.

BASKETBALL SEASON  It’s time for basketball in Belize.  The season started in January and our San Pedro Tiger Sharks are 3-0 and trying hard for an undefeated season.  For the first time ever.

It is SOOOO MUCH FUN TO ATTEND these games.  Love basketball?  Or just like to hang out with a few hundred SUPER excited San Pedro residents on a Saturday night?  It’s totally infectious.  You’ll love these games.

Here’s my schedule for February.  Feel free to print it out and laminate it.

San Pedro Tiger Sharks February 2017 Schedule

I am also doing team profiles.  My first was George Williams of Houston – playing in San Pedro Belize this season.

VALENTINE’S CRAFT FAIR  Not everyone loves Valentines Day – which is almost hard to believe.  I’m not talking love necessarily…but super cute crafts.  Just look at some of the Etsy V Day picks.

ring dish

I mean…COME ON!  Who even knew they needed a ring dish!

The Truck Stop is having a Valentine’s Craft Fair.  Who needs a boyfriend or a girlfriend?  Buy yourself a super cute gift.

valentines craft fair

And don’t forget Wednesday night movies, Thursday trivia, Friday night family movies and more.  Check out their facebook page early and often.

CARNAVAL:  This super uniquely San Pedro fiesta is a bit mysterious and a ton of fun.  Mysterious because it is not always clear when events are starting.  But that’s all good…just head to town in the late afternoon, go with the flow, have a Belikin or two and wait for the crowd.


There are events all week but the biggest days are usually the last few.  Saturday, Sunday Monday and Fat Tuesday.

If you chose, you can look like this.

carnaval ambergris caye


Music, dancing, street groups called comparsas (often cross dressing) and paint.

Belize City Street Art Festival, Saturday, February 25th, 2 to 10pm

street art

Just a day…but music, art and fun.  It’s right down the “main drag” – just over the swing bridge.  An easy day trip from San Pedro or Caye Caulker on the water taxi.


I attended in 2014.  And I loved the chalk drawings…

art fest

Harley-Davidson Rally, Starting now.  Information?  Not much.

Perhaps the most unexpected event in Belize – it was certainly for me.  I went to the 1st at Cucumber Beach outside of Belize City


and the 2nd (Bikers hit Caye Caulker)


Last year was San Pedro and this year…


More information is on the Facebook page.  Though I think it might be a bit late to start riding your bike down now.

More keeps popping up so 1. make sure you are here in February and 2.  make sure you stay dialed in.  There are LOTS of these that you don’t want to miss.

To remember it best – PIN IT 🙂

February is one of the busiest months of the year in Belize? That doesn't mean huge crowds - it means fairs and festivals and concerts and fun events. See you in Belize.

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