Lobster Season Is In The Final Days: The Tasting Menu At Casa Picasso

I don’t know how to break this gently so I will just say it.  And show it.  THERE ARE 4 DAYS LEFT IN LOBSTER SEASON 2017.

LObSTER SEASON bELizeClosed- Feb 15 to June 15

Lobster season in Belize closes – no trapping, no sales, no lobster – from February 15th to June 15th for the mating season.

So it was particularly serendipitous that I received a lovely invitation from two visitors to dine at one of San Pedro’s favorite dinner spots – Casa Picasso.  I would have my last tastes of lobster in the very best way possible – as the star of CP’s Thursday night tasting menu – AND I would cross off a bucket list item!

Belize Bucket List Item for Ambergris Caye:  Experience Tasting Thursday at Casa Picasso.

Hurray!  Let me tell you about my night.  Casa PIcasso is located just south of town…

I arrived and it was already dark out.  The lights were twinkling outside and one of my favorite bartenders of all (Ivan) was mixing drinks.

Quick observation:  CP has a super comfortable bar area and small outside garden – both separate from the main dining room.  This is a great spot to treat yourself to drinks & tapas or a meal.  Party of one.

Don’t sound shocked.  Enjoying delicious food, chatting with the hosts and the bartender, sipping a cocktail by yourself can be a really great evening.

BUT I was there to meet new people – and we entered the main dining room.  Thank you Dave and Kaye so much for the extremely generous and delicious evening.

And while the entire menu is available on Thursday – the $85bzd tasting menu is the star of the show.  Check out CP’s Facebook page for a preview of the menu each week.

Tasting menu for me.


Yum, yum, yum and yum.  And I was especially thankful for a lobster-free dessert.  Because Lobster Cheesecake and Lobster Ice Cream sound fun…but…I kinda like my sweets without a seafood aftertaste.

That might just be me.

All the dishes were absolutely delicious – and lobster is just perfect with a little sweet and a little tart.  A bit of mango and lime.  My favorites were the first two dishes.

The lobster cannoli with a buttery, almost shortbread-like shell and delicious mango.


And one of Casa Picasso’s biggest hits…the lobster slider.  Seems so simple…butter…lots of butter…but it’s done just perfectly.  The grilled bun, the tender tender tender buttery lobster.  These are so ridiculously good.

And have been the winner at previous San Pedro LobsterFests.

The lobster was so delicious with candied pecans and grapefruit.


There was NO shortage of lobster in any of these dishes.

And so…with that very grand and delicious send-off, I will say good-bye to lobster.  For now.  June 15th and Lobsterfest(s) is really just around the corner.

Time to start thinking about that trip!

We have three BIG lobster festivals in Belize though, it has been announced that, Caye Caulker Lobsterfestival is CANCELLED THIS YEAR!

San Pedro’s LobsterFest is June 15th to June 24th and Placencia’s the weekend of June 23rd, 24th and 25th.

See you there!

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